Note the usof household water purifiers

  Most of the worlds water pollution, water shortage exacerbated contradictions. Traditional water treatment methods can not guarantee to provide good quality drinking water, but also in the municipal water supply, there are still two problems of pollution, such as high-level water tank, long water pipelines, can cause potential rust, scale and microbial contamination and other problems, and therefore, various brands of water purifiers emerged, and filtered with the filter materials of various methods used in water purification are different. 瀹剁敤鍑€姘村櫒浣跨敤娉ㄦ剰浜嬮」

   water purifier Caution:

   1, after water purifier using membrane filter should be kept in a wet state. If the membrane filter and drying will lead to a sharp decline in water production and can not be recovered.

   2, more than three days without the use of water purifiers, water purifiers respond using cis rinsing repeated again for 2-5 minutes, until the water in the water purifier until the drained.

   3, in the case of tap water without water, first discharge opening in the tap water pipe after the sand, rust and other drained turn on the faucet use a water purification.

   4, the total water production and water quality of the water purifier water purifier, and if the water purifier is better water quality, then the total water production will increase, whereas water quality is poor, then the total water production will decline, the corresponding filter life will be slightly shorter.

   5, when using the water purifier, the water purifier to wash frequently, can effectively extend the life of the water purifier.

   6, long-term use water purifiers, its water production will gradually decline, but the quality of water still qualified, can be assured.

   7, close the water inlet valve, cutting off the water purifier water purifier fails immediately, do not disassemble.

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