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   In China, drinking water safety problem has been widespread concern. The campus safe drinking water, more emphasis is being focused.

   It is understood that the Ministry of Health had 1000 students in primary and secondary drinking water health status of the investigation, of which 10.7% of schools equipped with water disinfection facilities, obtain health permits; 94.6% of schools to an adequate supply of drinking water, but the water quality is poor, the pass rate was 60.7%.

   and this situation will fundamentally resolved. June 3, organized by the China Association for Quality Inspection, A.O. Smith, host of "The first drinking water equipment into schools recommended pilot unit conference" held in Beijing. At the meeting Publicizing the "primary and secondary school drinking water treatment equipment installation technical requirements" and other four criteria, and announced "Campus Drinking Water Health Action Plan recommended the pilot program."

   Professional Committee of China Association for Quality Inspection of water purification equipment Dengrui De chairman and secretary general, said the program from the recommended range of products, the recommended product requirements, business reporting conditions apply for product information, exit mechanism involved in other aspects of the declaration drinking water equipment business into the campus made stringent requirements. A.O. Smith 23 companies, "the first batch of drinking water equipment into the campus pilot unit recommended" list formally promulgated.


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   from the source to solve: the development of the drinking water standard

   In recent years, the campus drinking water problem is widespread concern in the community. Provinces have introduced policies requiring primary and secondary schools to replace old water pipes, the introduction of water purification equipment, many charitable foundations also frequently donate equipment to poor areas. Dengrui De, chairman, said, "Our drinking water is still in the early stages of development, there is weak enforcement of drinking water standards device, electrical safety there are some flaws, imperfect service system and other issues, which will have a direct impact on students physical and mental health and security. "

   China Association for quality inspection document states that, in view of the above, the Association to regulate primary and secondary drinking water equipment into the campus work, experts and enterprises, drafting of the development of the" primary and secondary schools DWTU installation technical requirements "and other standards four groups, and to promote campus drinking water equipment pilot.

   It is understood that the group standard guidance by the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine preparation, are "school drinking water safety device technical requirements" "inPrimary drinking water purification equipment quality testing method, "" primary and secondary drinking water purification equipment service standards "," primary and secondary drinking water remote health technical specifications "and other four, and, A.O Smith and 23 of the first batch of outstanding list of pilot enterprises have been released. Deputy Secretary General of China Association for Quality Inspection of water purification equipment segment core Professional Committee stressed that the list of pilot enterprises through visits to research water purification National Excellent Enterprise, and layers of selection out. "More than 80 companies reporting information, through expert preliminary review, the final 23 finalists."

   Experts believe that four criteria will DWTU primary and secondary schools in the state to promote and popularize the use of effective monitoring to ensure the students healthy drinking water from the source. At the same time, "Campus Drinking Water Health Action Plan recommended the pilot program," the promulgation and implementation of the structural changes to guide product upgrading, improve the technical level and quality level of the entire industry, to promote the industry and market.

   It is understood, A.O Smith is well-known US-based multinational companies, it is the "Fortune" magazine "Global Business Top 50" list of the only home appliance business.


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   the introduction of well-known brand, and promote the overall quality of the pilot enterprises to enhance their

   water equipment requires not only superior craftsmanship, excellent quality, but also requires a very high standard, innovative technology.

   "In 2006, the Ministry of Health has issued a new national standard of drinking water, the criteria for comparing the previous standards, has made great progress, but compared to developed countries, and part of the standard, there are some gap. "National drinking Water experts, the Ministry of health expert Advisory Committee Cai ancestral roots public health researcher told the media said. "Many similar harmful substances, our standards are twice as high."

   China Association for Quality Inspection to introduce AO Smith and many other well-known brands of domestic water purification industry in this pilot enterprises, will greatly promoting mutual healthy competition between enterprises, improve the standard equipment of pilot enterprises, thus enhancing the overall campus drinking water health.

   Industry experts point out that the existence of our campus drinking water standard equipment, security and other issues, will be with the "Campus Drinking Water Health Action Plan recommended the pilot program," the promulgation and implementation of effective control from the source. Given the problem of water pollution in most parts of our country, the provinces have primary and secondary schools is necessary to use water purification equipmentProtect drinking water safety of teachers and students. China Association for Quality Inspection selection to the education sector and recommended 23 outstanding drinking water equipment business, will greatly promote competition in the industry, enhance the overall quality level of the industry. At the same time, the education sector will purchase drinking water equipment to provide reliable reference.

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