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With the popularity of smartphones and 4G networks, when traffic, bandwidth, tariffs, terminal and so is no longer a problem, especially in the information of video, video and mobile video social trend, driven by short video is become the new brand marketing outlet.


short video became a huge blue ocean market


According to the "2019 China short video marketing status quo and development trend analysis of the industry," 2018 Chinese video market just short of the scale of billions, will grow in 2019 to 23.35 billion yuan in 2020 it is expected to break 38 billion yuan. Behind this staggering data, a user has a huge body mass of 500 million people.


"2019 short video content marketing trends white paper" The data show a short video unique users has reached 508 million, accounting for 46% of the total number of domestic Internet users. This is equivalent to each of two users which is used in a short video, and superior viscosity, average daily use of more than 1 hour.


of the data showed that short video is becoming the graphics, long video, new traffic after live depressions, all walks of life have also incoming.


Data visualization chain


Since the water industry experience weight, low consumption and long decision cycle characteristics, very weak line gene, the user information is not perpendicular to the symmetry of the difference is difficult to establish line on the database.


In this case, water companies can make use of data capture short video set to establish traceability, data visualization chain, thus providing a foothold for future product development and service focus.


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online experience more intuitive sense


As the water purification product homogeneity, consumers in product selection will produce blind spots, so we spend a lot of time on the purchase.


and water purification companies can use the short form of video, giving consumers a visual impact, presented to them online experience more intuitive sense, experience difficulties to overcome, and finally reach the purpose of the transaction.


a more precise marketing covering


In the past, due to the precision of user groups is difficult to locate, clean water in the marketing business can only cover a wide range of users, so not only do high marketing costs, effects it is also very limited.


Today, 8After 0 and 90 after becoming the leader in household consumption, they are accompanied by the growth of the Internet generation, with a high degree of overlap short video users, its fast-paced lifestyle fit with the "fast track" features a short video. Therefore, water purification companies can make use of short video presenting products and content, timely interactive, real-time feedback, accurate and efficient marketing.


Thus, the short video does give a huge water purification business value, many companies are beginning to realize water purification gold short video, have the layout of short video marketing.


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