Three sales model help to devop future water purifier market

   water purifier market as well as what?

   When you mention the importance of this issue to show that you already have an idea in water purification, and just do not know what the local market as well, with the increasingly serious water pollution, people began to realize water purifier from 2010 began to develop water purifier, said we should say here several major mode of the water purifier sales.

   three water purifier sales model of

   1 direct:


   Direct selling is coming from foreign sales younger mode, and pyramid schemes are outlawed both similarities, but not the same, although the reasons for this is to engage in direct sales companies have been repeatedly reported still safe and sound. Extensive sales network, a unique sales model, incentives exciting, passionate training courses, these direct sales and MLM have the same purpose. But there are two differences: MLM point head, direct sales in kind; pyramid of personal, direct sales to stores; restriction of personal freedom MLM training, direct training to volunteer to come and go freely; pyramid schemes to evade taxes, direct taxes Compliance. Therefore, no direct water machine business was outlawed and banned

   2. dealers

   dealers and the industry is often called "traditional sales", the first use of advertising, after the integration of the dealer issued a notice, meetings, etc., in the country (or local scope) within the investment, extensive recruiting distributors, a certain period (usually a year or two years), based on dealer performance, ability, loyalty etc., divided provincial, municipal, county-level dealers, or say one, two, three agents, endowed the region with exclusive distribution rights or distribution rights in the region from other customers or distributors must purchase agents and not purchase directly from the factory

   will pin 3


   a classic "will sales" are: tissue via a local dealer planning, contact your local neighborhood or a good property management companies, health lectures or fraternity in the community, especially retirees invited to a meeting in the elderly community, some by the dealer or manufacturer invited experts teach health knowledge, the relationship between drinking water and health teaching, teaching tap water of harmful substances and hazardous to human health, stressing the principle of clean water, gradually into the theme, stressing the necessity and effectiveness of the use of water purifier, speak their own products excellentPoints, features and functions

   Therefore, the current market is still very large water purifier, water purifiers currently occupied only about 20-30% of the market, there is a great market to wait for our development.

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