Water purification products business re-cree the mindof usex

   for water purification companies, consumer groups and enhance user stickiness, the traditional model of development is to rely on the premise of water purifier business. Fast development of the Internet, marketing pattern all walks of life is undergoing tremendous change. However, the water purifier business development and expansion has always been inseparable from the support of consumers, therefore, always pay attention to consumer demand, focus on user experience and user reputation is the water purifier business-critical tasks.




water purifier business users to create a product experience heavy hearts strong brands

   overthrow of the traditional business model

   in the water purification industry, the quality of products or services, water purifier enterprises themselves say not only consumers recognized by consumers, in order to form word of mouth. Traditional business marketing model to be followed by a new social media to overthrow, spread fast, diffusion radius information hundredfold, thousandfold increase, "overnight" case everywhere, and thus become social network media sharing platform. Fair information and other features make the public space have a very strong network of public self-purification capacity, water purifiers want to get the hearts of consumers, the need to effectively grasp the consumer demand and meet consumer.

   to create a new marketing model is very important

   new social media allows consumers to speak of the right to self unprecedented upsurge in brand power today, water purifier business for brand reputation management it becomes even more important. Past media is one-way, monopoly, high price and must be a lot of running, and the new social media is interactive, open, low-cost, free and accurate. Similarly, the new social media is also changing consumers. Characteristics of rapid information dissemination, meaning that consumers can obtain information more timely and convenient, but also make consumers themselves including their friends around can have a deeper understanding and awareness of the water purifier.

   Therefore, in the new era of social media, companies need to pay attention to the water purifier brand reputation spread, in order to promote their products, allowing the brand through marketing channels, accurate to convey to the consumer, build word of mouth effect of the core thinking of the Internet, in order to build a strong brand in the minds of users.

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