Urban Water Supply Regulations excerpts and notes


In order to strengthen the urban water management, development of urban water utilities, protection of urban life, the production of water and other water construction, July 19, 1994 the State Council Peoples Republic of China (No. 158) issued a "city water supply regulations. "


Regulations refers to urban water supply public water supply and urban self-built water supply facilities, public water is city water service company refers to public water pipelines and ancillary facilities to provide life, production and other construction units and residents water, self-built water supply facilities refers to the citys water unit with its own water supply pipeline construction and ancillary facilities to provide water to the living, production and other construction of the unit.


Regulations Local peoples governments above the county level environmental protection department shall, jointly with the administrative department of urban water supply, water and health administrative departments and other administrative departments jointly designated drinking water source protection areas, approved by the peoples government after the announcement, the drinking water source protection areas for inter-provincial, city and county shall be mutually agreed by the relevant peoples government and announced by their common superior peoples government for approval. In drinking water source protection areas, banning all water pollution activities.


urban water supply enterprises and self-built water supply facilities of foreign enterprises should establish and improve water quality testing system to ensure quality of urban water supply of drinking water standards in line with state regulations. Do not directly mounted on the pump pumping in urban public water supply pipes.


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