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   As modern life becomes richer, but also pay more attention to their own health, we know that a lot of water hazards, every household need to install a water purifier. But the recent sampling results have shown that the water industry checks, the 45 brands 60 models sample Almost half (48.3%) failed. A similar phenomenon is equally bleak in the Guangdong region, over the past three years, including industry survey showed the Guangdong region, water purifier product failure rate of 30-75 percent range, the situation is more serious. Overall, the water industry checks pass rate in the appliance industry, it is low. This could not help worrying: home water purifier is really genuine, really build effective checks do not optimistic consumers Note polish his eyes?.



   This could not help worrying: household water purifier is really genuine, real wood effectiveness of it

   perhaps to a more thorough net? water market analysis, can be "a pretty good idea." Phenomenon: the good and the bad past two years, the water purifier market a bit, "gets going on" feeling. According to incomplete statistics, the national water purifier manufacturer more than more than 3,000 machine manufacturers over 1500, is considered a very large scale of the. However, cursory water purifier market is not difficult to find, compared to other home appliances products, consumers may really "get lost." An easy "seeing things" in place, the price disparities. Cheap filter can be mounted directly on the faucet, it may be only two or three hundred dollars; and a set of cartridges used in combination, a thousand dollars everywhere; even then set up yuan. What was good expensive, difficult to define than cheap consumer. Another easy "seeing things" in places that many concepts. In addition to the basic filter, purifying function, but many are under various water purifier "healthy" banner, such as may be "cosmetic", or to generate "mineral water", as well as producing "alkaline water", not a " concept of negative oxygen ions "and the like. Consumers often at a loss. How the real situation? National Academy of household appliances, deputy chief engineer, director of the Institute testing technology, health appliances Analysis and Testing Center for Lu Jian said the three water purifiers national supervision AQSIQ organized since 2014 display no more than 70% pass rate. The main problems in: Among the total number of colonies of water indicators of failure, water flow failed, the total water flow failed. It can be said,Many aspects of key indicators related to water purifiers, there are widespread problems.

   鈼?standards are mostly recommended standard throughout the water purification industry is still in its early stages of development, there has been good and bad. Cause problems passing rate is low, the lack of standards is not it? Water purifier market has many years of experience in Management Consulting Co., jump on Inspires chief consultant Pangya Hui, he told Yangcheng Evening News reporter, "in the water purification industry, standards and not missing. " National Academy of household appliances Lu Jianguo, deputy chief engineer explained that the current applicable national standards are the "household and similar electrical appliances" and "household and similar applications water treatment device" standards; and industry standards, it is "home ultrafiltration and similar water purifier "and" RO household and similar water purifier "standard. But it is worth mentioning that the national standard is generally divided into mandatory standards and voluntary standards. In the water purifier market, most of the standards are voluntary standards. This is mainly determined by the characteristics of the water purifier itself, because water quality varies throughout, water purification materials used may vary. Obviously, the recommended standards for binding brands and products a lot smaller. Of course, we recommended standards is not a dead letter, still binding. Lu Jianguo said that many companies tend to "voluntary standards" as an excuse to implement greatly reduced. The industry has experienced a long period of time, also still in a development stage.

   鈼?Consumers difficult for consumers to distinguish Jerry, a water purifier or a water purifier good, with the appearance, the price is difficult to distinguish between good and bad. On the one hand I do not understand, on the other hand there is no means of detection. If the water purifier brand manufacturers cut corners in which it is difficult to explain. There was a water purifier filter core professionals dismantling a section of the water purifier market price of 2,800 yuan products, various components after dismantling, in fact, the manufacturing cost is a hundred to dollars, plus other costs, profit margin doing far more than the general home appliances. This is why in recent years, many manufacturers have put the main cause of the water purifier market. Pangya Hui to the Yangcheng Evening News reporter analysis, purifiers usually use activated charcoal, activated carbon and quality may vary; the rest of the water purifier, including the purification of PP cotton even line connections are problems there may be cutting corners; theres like plastic parts, unscrupulous manufacturers are likely to use the word "back feed" (secondary recovery of plastics). Almost all aspects of internal water purifiers, are likely toWhere there is shoddy work, because more different product mix of elements. He admits: "Material is not cut corners, manufacturers can test the conscience." Lu Jianguo said that although there are water purification testing organization, but a small number, expensive, companies do not want to detect that some products do not meet standards also in disarray sale. And consumers want to test individually, it is more difficult.

   鈼?management may be a "vacuum" Yangcheng Evening News reporter also learned that the water purifier in the management of "bull management", it may cause some management "vacuum zone." At present, the production of water purification systems take health permits, we can get health after the sale document. Health this document is based on the original inspection in 2001, the Ministry of Health related to the top, only involving health and safety of functional tests that do not involve electrical safety and performance. But water purifier or belong to the same electrical products, must comply with the relevant national standards, but also have 3C certification program. As a result, water purifier enterprise management supervision, access to health aspects of planning commission system, mainly in the regulatory aspects of Quality Supervision Bureau, the enterprises own business practices in the business sector in the regulation. Consultant Pangya Hui said that if the future regulatory direction merged together into a centralized system would be better. Solution: Huiyanshizhu

   鈼?your right will certainly obvious, water purifier is certainly to "buy right"?. But many consumers are not able to judge good and bad, it is often customary "buy expensive" that "buy expensive is to buy right." Is not "expensive is right" mean? It is not. According to the results, Jiangsu aspect has just been published, the price is not proportional to the water purifier with water effect performance. Data show that the failure rate of between 1500-2000 yuan price of 60%; and more than $ 2,500 62.5% failure rate of the checks actually described, but the higher the price, the lower the yield of high charge play ...... big brand phenomenon, partly because the water purifier market in recent years began to appear "brand war", some brands began to focus on brand culture, first and foremost strategy is to raise the price to the price of legislation "physique", do not try to take advantage of industry a stable and big money; on the other hand, does not rule out the use of consumer manufacturers expensive is good "mentality, manufacturing marketing gimmick. No matter what kind of purpose, in fact, there may be "cheating" phenomenon.

   鈼?There is evidence of better than undocumented? As the market confusing consumers buy water purifier depends on the card. First see if there is noThe state health department for health permit approval document issued by the health and safety of drinking water, which is the product of "birth certificate." Many consumers believe that the water purifier less relevant with the health sector, in fact, is very wrong. Internal water purifier market, not many companies take this most critical "birth certificate." If sales or businesses that do not get it out, so do not buy a water purifier. Other documents needs special attention. Do not buy no express implementation of national or industry standards, do not buy manual vague terms, particularly pre-rinsing time is not clear products. Do not buy the filter model number information, production units and other products. Do not buy can not provide third-party testing testing organizations qualified information products. If you focus on some technical indicators, but also to shop around, choose gifted person. For example, like the water purifier, to select a low waste, and the like.

   鈼?"go ghost gear" can not be trusted? In recent years, many on the market street marketing staff to sell water purifiers everywhere, often also pretentiously took two electrodes do "electrolysis test" . In fact, this is a "cover-up." Experts electrolysis test has been proven not fully explain water quality, even an excellent quality, the same "electrolysis test" will generate impurities. From the use of the characteristics of the water purifier of view, the manufacturers service capabilities is more important, but also involves service problems when filter replacement is about six months. Therefore, the consultant Pangya Hui suggested that manufacturers try to have a fixed place of purchase and complete service capabilities, not to rely on street stall selling product. Some of the "walking ghost gear" put forward to promote the event ran over, it is difficult for consumers guaranteed. In addition, there is an additional element, try to buy products with the product liability insurance. Fairly standard manufacturers tend to vote attached product liability insurance, if the use of the process in question, the equivalent of a third-party "firewall."

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