Outlet water industry is that companies stick to chance

   According to Ovid cloud network (AVC) data show that since 2012, water began to fast start in 2014 water purifier market size of up to 97 billion yuan in 2015 to 14.7 billion yuan in 2016 to 20.3 billion yuan. 2017, water still achieve sustained growth, Orville cloud network (AVC) predicted that by 2018 water purifier market will reach 32.9 billion yuan.

   China water purifier market is growing rapidly, but the water purifier did not like air conditioners, refrigerators, become household necessities, not because of lack of market demand, but the market in a number of water purification brands, Chinas water industry specification is not perfect. Part of the speculators see a huge industry prospects and profits, with fraud, flicker, speculation and other means to defraud consumers, resulting in low quality, perfect service, technology and other industries insecurity frequent problems, water purification products for consumer choice cautious.


   from the market background, environmental degradation and water pollution incidents occur with high frequency in peoples lives, under the premise of user health conscious awakening and to enhance income, net water demand for goods and products will inevitably shift to household necessities from the elastic. Second, although some regional real estate is cooling, but second-tier cities real estate conversion rate is very high, with open two-child policy, the majority of young consumers to the concept of infant drinking water is very strong, water purification products will get very good It releases.

   At present more than 3000 national water purifier brand, but the minds of consumers in-depth professional water purifier brand are few. Market structure still remain competitive with each other in a number of enterprises, have their own strengths situation. But there is no guarantee the situation will not be broken, not uncommon in a single large appliance industry, standing on the outlet of the times, the opportunity to co-exist with the crisis, the water industry can be described as fierce fighting is inevitable.

   2017, the brand has a lot of force in the water purification section, one of 3Ms patented double filter system, AO Smith MAX3.0Plus, focus on improving water speed, Hao Ze leasing model, overflow love in 2017, is under the foot, new investment in R & D laboratories, build brand business schools, personnel training industry. In this year, we will launch a new love overflow "Service +" mode.

   at the time of the outbreak of the industry bonus, users can quickly grasp the brand must be a focus on product, good business services. Currently the netWater is more imitation copy, water purification product homogeneity is serious. Simply can not meet consumers quality type needs. Water purification companies also need to break the inertia of thinking, we should continue to strengthen brand building, optimizing the channel structure, three-dimensional technology to promote products, based on the core technology, to grasp the core of the formation, in order to stand out from the competition heating up water purification market.

   (Source: Pacific Wealth Network)

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