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   With the acceleration of urbanization, the world will face water supply and demand balance, challenges and issues related to the safety of drinking water, sanitation, and other water-related disasters in extreme weather conditions. Green, low carbon, harmonious people and water sustainable urban water management has become a top priority. November 17, the three-day International Seminar on urban water development in Sao Paulo, Brazil, which discussed the theme of "water efficiency, water pollution control, to ensure water security", showcasing the results of development of the industry, to explore the development trend of urban water.

   seminar invited executives from the water industry in Brazil, experts and scholars, as well as professional and technical personnel from the United States, Portugal, Argentina and other countries, to deal with climate change, integrated management of water resources in the city, "sponge city "building innovation, development and utilization of urban water resources and other issues to discuss. Guests and experts full exchange, sharing of "sponge city" construction, urban sewage treatment technology, sewage disposal technology solutions.

   "sponge City" is a system engineering

   鐗圭撼寰烽噷濂?from the Brazilian Ministry of Environment, said urbanization has brought urban planning and lack of water, urban water security and water environment problem increasingly severe, leading to "heavy rains, floods," a serious shortage of black-odor water body, water resources, drinking water safety and other serious problems. In fact, the risk of water security, water ecological damage, water shortage and water pollution are interrelated and influence each other, must not divide and rule, should be incorporated into the "sponge city" building and to take a "sponge city" construction as a systems engineering to drive.

   鐗圭撼寰烽噷濂?said, "sponge city" should be like a sponge, in adapting to environmental change and response to natural disasters, it has good flexibility. Currently the city should focus on solving urban water floods and environmental degradation, to take full advantage of ecological urban water purification, coupled with the collection and use of "sponge city" facility for rainwater, surface water resources to achieve, water resource, ecological water , natural precipitation, groundwater and other integrated management, protection and use, to ensure that the urban water cycle can be interconnected with the natural water cycle, reduce the urban "rains floods" and other water safety issues.

   rainwater utilization relieve urban pressure

   "flow too fast, too slow row, save too little, which is the main cause waterlogging in the city." St. Paul City Planning Division Engineer PedroLuo pointed out at the seminar. He said the widespread use of rainwater utilization systems, land can be used for infiltration, site irrigation, landscape pay, car washing, landscaping, toilet flushing, washing and other roads. Rainwater utilization for urban water to ease pressure on the city to avoid waterlogging disasters, promote sustainable urban development, has important practical significance.

   "In the scarcity of urban water resources, construction projects also need to consider the use of natural rain water savings, such as a building roof to collect rainwater pooled into rainwater tanks can be used for landscaping, life, production water, etc., not only conducive to the maintenance of ecological areas, but also help alleviate the pressure on urban stormwater. "Pedro insisted.

   Source: Science and Technology Daily

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