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Yesterday, the Guangzhou City Council issued consumer alerts to remind the public to be vigilant, "electrolyzed water" scam when buy a water purifier. Recently, some of the city residential area has been found in some of the water purifier dealers, consumers go door to door to introduce new concepts, new features drinking water, and water by electrolysis experiment mislead consumers may think that the water in question, thereby to sell their water purification equipment. City Water Industry Group said that in this experiment is a normal tap water becomes turbid water electrolysis reaction.


take tap water, purified water electrolysis of water to do the experiment, which is a lot of water purifier business and sales personnel in the marketing of water purification equipment favorite mode of marketing, sales staff to put two cups of the same tester clear water, several tens of seconds after electrolysis, wherein a glass of water, a yellow filter mounted, and another cup of water from yellow green, brown and finally a surface layer of a film floating, when sales personnel to explain to the consumer, brown said that these substances are rust, a "heavy metal" and other harmful substances, while the other cup filtered water no rust because water purifiers to remove harmful substances, and the remaining trace elements harmful to humans, and thus running water or other description brand water purifier has a problem, whereby they sell water purification equipment. After


Many consumers saw the so-called water electrolysis experiments, all panicked: Is it really that dirty water?


To this end, the City Council special advisory director of Water Quality Monitoring Center Ltd. Foshan Water Group Huang Jianming. Huang Jianming said water becomes turbid phenomenon is a normal reaction of the electrolysis of water. Since calcium and magnesium ions in tap water containing iron bar genus electrolyte, anode electrolysis apparatus into the water, electrolyzed iron is dissolved in water, form a divalent iron ion (yellow-green), ferric hydroxide (gray) oxide iron (red-brown), tri-iron tetroxide (black); and pure water no conductive calcium and magnesium ions, the electrolytic reaction does not occur, so that pure water does not change color. In fact, water electrolysis experiment is not false, but sales personnel to the principle experiment distorted, misleading consumers, this is purely unscrupulous businessmen gimmick.




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Huang Jianming also said that if there are additional requirements on the taste of water, and the like, commercially available household consumers can choose water treatment equipment, such equipment can achieve the effect of improving the taste. As long as the water hardness of water satisfies the requirements of the standard 450 mg / l is not harmfulof. Also to be noted that, regardless of the water treatment product you choose, you need to regularly replace the water purifier components, or it may lead to secondary pollution. Foshan City, the Consumer Council to remind consumers: to pay attention to when buying a water purifier try to choose a reliable after-sales service more complete brand water purifier; at the same time pay attention to the products features and materials, do not blindly believe in advertising business; last to obtain a copy of the formal invoice.


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