Such a water purifier scam, old people need to be treatewith

  Such a water purifier scam, old people need to be treated with caution Author: Tim net water purification Views: 543 Published: 2016-11-21 9:48:45 complained that a number of the elderly, spent 5,000 yuan to buy from a trade show the high water purifiers, cheated. According to the complainant told, they received a flyer sales staff, said the water purifier trade fair held in a hotel, on the trade fair experts explain health knowledge, and there are many promotions. 杩欐牱鐨勫噣姘村櫒楠楀眬锛岃€佷汉浠渶瑕佽皑鎱庡寰卂鍑€姘村櫒 sales tell a lot of care for the elderly knowledge, then recommend high-tech water purifier. After the sales staff said the purchase may become advocates, we want to look at whether the integrity that it has to pay 5,000 yuan gold integrity, good publicity, with interest to be distributed to everyone, honest gold will be returned. In this temptation, many elderly people sent money, but the other did not issue notes. After installing a water purifier, a number of so-called return becomes worthless health products and small objects, and some elderly people claim your money back, but was told that 5000 yuan is the cost of buying water purifiers, non-refundable. The resident survey by industry and commerce, trade fairs personnel have been evacuated, find Exalted. At present, the situation is this flow of many exhibitions, mostly from the field, strong liquidity, leverage consumer freeloaders psychological, through free experience, distributed souvenirs, offers, etc., to attract consumers. In fact, as early as November 30, 2010, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce has been abolished "trade fair management approach", trade fair organized by the business sector is no longer registered, lower the threshold of exhibition, trade fair also the lack of specification and constraints. Part of the organizers to rally people to take all comers, lets put the attitude, makes a lot of bad business smoothly exhibitors, fish in troubled waters. Most marketing activities short time, often walking a fine line on sales practices in the form of popular science lectures, and the time difference to play with law enforcement, investigation leading to it is very difficult. Most marketing activities organized short time, mainly in the "popular science lectures" to instill product advantages to the elderly, so that the elderly face value, clean water and these fairs with law enforcement law enforcement time the time difference, so that the law enforcement agencies of law enforcement difficult. Here, Tim net water purifier to advise consumers do not believe there is high return on investment of all kinds of publicity, do not covet a small profit, to participate in theThat offers lectures, free travel, free admission and free tea party company and other activities. Do not believe those "Do not tell anyone," then, when himself undecided, to find friends and family advice, to discuss countermeasures.

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