There glasses toxic colors do


   There are many glass colors, most commonly used is transparent glass, so there is a glass of toxic colors?




glass is the safest drinking cups, plastic cups and compared to the enamel cup, glass or relatively safe and practical, but also colored glass, then color ? does it matter which glass cup to drink toxic safest


glass itself is not colored or colorless transparent glass is better, produce color glasses have two possibilities:? natural color, making the original glass contains a number of minerals that make the glass is colored, mostly colored glass, pigments are added together in the manufacture process, these pigments usually contain heavy metals. But not as a reason for colored glass in question.


If the glass surface decals color, the use of surface coatings fall readily understood. If you add color pigments made of glass manufacture process, the color disappears, that is, long-term use colored substance is released out of the analysis.


If you worry about the color of the glass on the body harm, then chose a transparent glass material, so relatively safe and reliable, suggest that you should always pay attention to small household drinking water knowledge.




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