Shenzhen water purifier industry standards consortium workin

   China Building Materials News: November 4, 2016, in order to solve the chaos of the water purifier market, promote the standardization of the development of water purification industry, organized by the Shenzhen Peoples Congress, led purifier Association, Hansi Dun, the United States, Haier and other well-known water purifier manufacturers are in Shenzhen, water purification industry standards consortium working meeting was held in Hansi Dun water filter company. Shenzhen Consumer Council, market supervision and management, Shenzhen Graduate School, Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen Institute of Standards and Technology related to the leadership and the people in charge also attended the meeting, the meeting on the development of Shenzhen water purifier product standards to conduct in-depth discussions.




Shenzhen water purifier industry standards consortium working conference (Photo from Internet)

   The meeting will begin on the development of the Shenzhen water purifier unified standard meaning and purpose were discussed. Meeting, Hansi Dun water purification equipment Co., smell one of the main initiator of the total as the meeting of the development process Hansi Dun than 10 years to do a review, and Hansi Dun made on water purification technology research and development efforts were introduced, and pointed out the urgency and importance of the development of water purification standards. Total Wen said: "The rise of the water purification industry more than a decade, has formed a complete industrial chain, water purification equipment output value accounted for 40% of the Pearl River Delta region of the country, and in this one, Shenzhen and occupies more than half. because the lack of standards, some SMEs simply buy from the internet some of the parts are assembled, they would sell the consumer, these products are not subject to any test, there is no quality assurance, and no dedicated sales staff, if there are problems, give consumers a great loss, but also make them water purifier produces prejudice, loss of confidence. Therefore, the development of Shenzhen water purifier technical standards have been imminent. "

   the development of Shenzhen Water purifier technology meaning a standard

   subsequently speaking also on behalf of the participants have. It was agreed that: the development of Shenzhen water purifier technical standards, have the following meanings:

   First, the technical standards can promote the excellent water purifier business, leading the healthy development of enterprises in Shenzhen and the Pearl River Delta and Shenzhen model to promote the country, highlighting the advantages of Shenzhen in the national science and technology.

   Second, a unified standard, various water purifier can reduce corporate R & D, manufacturing, sales costs, in favor of their ability to innovate the product.

   Third, consumers play a role in the guidelines, favorableTo choose to suit their own water purification products, so as to avoid damage to non-compliant products for users brings.

   Fourth, the level of standardization to highlight the level of a countrys technological level, national leaders and governments at all levels attach great importance to the standardization of the formulation. Purifier industry is related to peoples life and health, should be taken seriously, it is regulated.

   The meeting also elected a water purifier standard drafting group, Shenzhen Institute of Standards and Technology, Academia Sinica and other units of the United States was elected head of the unit, each water purifier manufacturers are to be elected members.

   meeting on how to develop a standard water purifier launched a debate

   Subsequently, the meeting on how to develop a standard water purifier launched a debate. The current mainstream ultrafiltration machine, water purifier, ultrafiltration objects, reverse osmosis membrane, nano-membrane technology have become discussed; the respective parts such as salt rejection, water purification, and then become a hot topic technical parameters; Further is separately developing new standards, or to revise the existing national standards, the views of representatives of the parties is not enough unity. These details will be discussed again at the next few meetings.

   water purifier market chaos is not the formation of the day, to develop uniform standards, put it into implementation, nor is it can be done overnight. We firmly believe that as long as the various manufacturers work together, as long as enough attention to the relevant departments, the water purification industry will be Sudden Impact, better direction toward healthy development, it has become a sunrise industry Defense of peoples health. (Source: water purifier network)

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