What are the main factors affecting thwater purificion effe

  The main factors

   water purifier is now increasingly high penetration rate in our country, from the technical and material conditions of use water purification products to analyze the impact purifying effect of a home water purifier in use are the following : the


   (1) water purifier filter material

   the water purifier purifying effect superior quality from the filter. Filter used normally present various limitations, such as reverse osmosis membranes, ultrafiltration filter, and so it is necessary to retain the nutrients in the water, but also can effectively filter harmful substances in water, both difficult to balance; activated carbon despite strong adsorption capacity, but it is easily saturated, with the deposition of pollutants, water effect is decreased.

   Purification objects (2) water purifier


   The water purifier purifying materials are targeted, such as common market water machine, water purifier, straight drink , pure water having a function of converting hard water into soft water, hard water is quite half more suitable place; water purifier can filter most contaminants in water, filtered out of the drinking water up to the standard of, and may retain some water nutrient It was less suitable for use in place of water pollution. Finally, a water purifier ultrafiltration filter can filter out all of the water all bacteria, minerals, etc., this machine can be filtered out of the water is safe to drink, for water pollution more serious place. Consumers only according to their own local water pollution, water purifier targeted selection to be able to get a good purifying effect.

   (3) water purifier filter cleaning and replacement time

   purifier little time after use, the cartridge will be some residual contamination, cleaning or replacement if not long, contaminants continue to accumulate, not only clog the filter, very easily lead to secondary pollution, water purifiers and therefore generally in two months or so will wash the filter, replace the filter six months, in order to ensure safe drinking water.



   water purifier is the use of modern family life, water purification equipment, also dealing with the best quality product, although various brands of water purifiers in a variety of different technologies and media, to enable it to provide health and safety of users of water. However, water purifiers and other home appliances vary, the consumer during the purchase or use, to be a little understanding of water purifier and requires regular care and maintenance.

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