Water purifier is what the principle of clean w


   water purifier is what the principle of clean water? In fact, not complicated, mainly through physical filtration to complete.




in our home water purifier is ultimately a product, we can rest assured that drinking water resources, water purifier principle that is how it goes? Then we come together under water purifier to understand what is the principle of clean water.


different water purifier principle is not the same. The quality of the water purifier, a water purifier filter into a single, dual stage filter, three filters, four filters, five or even ten filter filtration. Single filter works by removing water with charcoal heterochromatic odor, but for the quality of drinking water sources, tap water is generally filtered can not have a need to boil.


hi long dual stage filter is based on the need to remove the impurities adsorbed on the large chlorine, improve the taste of water, but more than this single filtered water taste better, almost all other . These filters are a polypropylene fiber filter remove greater than 5渭m floats and granule material with clarified water 5渭mPP 1渭m or cotton.


the other three, four, five water purification machines principle be more complicated for the. Three filters on the basis of the above two-stage filtration with further addition of the whole 0.1渭mCF diatoms porous ceramic filter, so that the water can remove E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus gold, after the processing can be achieved by standard purification, can be directly to drink.


on the basis of three to four filters on PPF also used with polypropylene fibers + UDF coconut shell activated carbon particle filter capable of removing the two-stage water heterochromatic odor, the purified water has a sweet fresh water glycol taste, drink directly, but the taste is better than three filters. Of small molecules, a magnetic memory, longer maintain the water activity


are higher levels of filtering through many processes, mostly used for industrial, water, and small molecules is not restored water.


Knowing the structure of said water purifier is the principle of the water purifier. A different structure of the water purifier is not the same composition, reverse osmosis water purification filter 5 is standard, mainly PP cotton, granular activated carbon pre, pre-compression of carbon, the RO reverse osmosis membrane, such as activated carbon post ; ultrafiltration membrane water purification is based, the other filter such as activated carbon (not including energy filter)Supplemented; energy water purifier, the composition of the filter structure is added alone or in a composite mineral fossil, living fossil stone small molecule, alkaline balls, magnetic fossils facilitate purification of the water component absorbed by the body.


through these presentations, I believe you know what water purifier with knowledge of the principles of clean water instead. You also promise that you will ask: home water purifier it is necessary to install small advice you should not blindly, need to decide according to their own home water quality, water quality standard is actually based on what family does not need to drink small knowledge base?.




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