What material plastic cup to drink the most healthy


   Plastic cups of different materials, in food applications, there will be different in that selection, the selection of plastic cups, the best choice is made of PP material plastic cup.




plastic cup materials have different place, in the purchase of plastic cups, you can go to choose their own plastic cups plastic cups according to different raw materials, selection will drink the cup more, including stainless steel cups and plastic cups, plastic cups but in the choice of the time, we must pay more attention, able to distinguish carefully distinguish between different materials of plastic cups. ? What material plastic cup to drink the most healthy too small series here suggest that you: buy plastic cups when we must observe that cup of raw materials, the best choice PP material.


pvc-- not substantially utensils used for food, it is possible PP.


PE-- polyethylene plastic, stable chemical properties, typically produce a variety of containers and erosion, acid, alkali and salt solution bags of food, but not wipe or soak strongly alkaline detergent.


PP-- polypropylene plastic, non-toxic, odorless, 100 鈩?boiling water can be immersed in the deformation, damage, a common acid, alkali organic solvents it almost does not work. Used for utensils.


PS-- polystyrene plastic, easy to color, transparency, for the production of multi-shade, toothbrush handles, toys, electrical parts. It acid corrosion, but soluble in chloroform, ethylene dichloride, bananas, water and other organic solvents.


PVC-- is PVC, bright color, corrosion-resistant, durable, due to the increased plasticizer, anti-aging agents some toxic auxiliary materials in the manufacturing process, so the stored products are generally not food and medicine.


ABS-- by acrylonitrile, butadiene, styrene polymeric plastics, it is eye-catching color, heat-resistant, strong, outer surface of chrome, nickel metal thin film, can be made keys, buttons, knife rack, TV cabinet, umbrellas and so on.


PA-- nylon plastic, which features tough, strong, abrasion resistance, commonly used in the production of comb, a toothbrush, coat hook, Shan Gu, rope bag, fruit packaging bags. Non-toxic, but not long-term contact with the acid.


By the above, I believe we have material for plastic cups thanThe more familiar, plastic cups breed performance and use will have a different place compared, it will be more varieties of polypropylene, and use will be more complicated, more will be involved in the field, including polypropylene material, the main thing is to swim when used in practice, it is non-toxic and tasteless material. Here to remind you, what kind of drink cups safest? Be careful to discriminate, to find materials suitable for drinking cups.




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