Water purifier small science, each one filtin what role-

   water purifier for a long time, a lot of Qin pink heart may appear the following question why home water purifier filter have so much? Can these be combined into one filter to reduce it, so that future replacement is also convenient, they do not mind replacing the time, it would not do both.



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   The reason they appear more pink Qin Although Mr. Qin idea of 鈥嬧€媢nderstanding, but or to cruel powder Qin told them, in accordance with the current water purification technology may not be achieved. Qin powder and they should also be clear that the roles and responsibilities of different water purification filter in the path of the plays are not the same, just like the team will be divided into a striker, midfielder, etc., as in water purifier different stages of the filter composed of "all-star day mission," strength is not to be underestimated.

   Best striker: PP cotton filter

   PP cotton filter, also known as polypropylene meltblown filter, is the first hurdle water purifier filter in defense, just as the football field at the most front strikes forward, creating opportunities for a shot. PP cotton filter are used in external pressure filtration principle, and this determines its large amount of water and the quantity of pollutants, can effectively block the rust in water, sediment, and other large colloidal particles of impurities, reduce the turbidity of raw water, color and the degree of visible objects.



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   most of the impurities will be filtered here, but its life was not long, generally it recommended six months need to be replaced.

   Best half: carbon rod filter

   When the elapsed quality PP cotton filter, then we came at the filter avant carbon rods, carbon rods and the filter will vary according to the position of use , will be divided into activated carbon filter and post carbon filter, can play a very good adsorption, and the adsorption refers primarily to the adsorption of heterochromatic odor in the water, like the same sponge, is achieved by activated carbon developed porosity strong adhesive force.



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   but they need to know Qin powder, carbon rod filter life with the position at which a great relationship, such as a forward position, the path is generally clean water, then a second stage, whichFilter life is generally six months. If the carbon rod is post-filter, is located after the RO membrane, its main role is secondary adsorption of small amounts of impurities may remain, improving water taste, and the useful life of up to 12 months.

   Best midfielder: membrane filter

   familiar with the stadium Qin powder should know that lower back is in the rear position than the court, it is the backbone of the stadium, and our ultra membrane filter in water purification path is such an indispensable presence.



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   membrane filter is used in external pressure filtration principle, relying on its surface to achieve dense micropores purify water quality, separation, concentration, in fact, a separate screening process can be effectively retain suspended solids, particulates, bacteria, colloids and other macromolecules, safe water was filtered off. Its biggest feature is the large volume of water filtration process does not produce waste water. It is generally recommended service life is 12 months

   gold medal defender: RO reverse osmosis membrane filter

   defender is to protect the team losing a ball of key protection shield, and water purifier the protective shield is solid RO reverse osmosis membrane filter, RO membrane as a defender of the gold medal, its like Stand with small aperture as it is only a millionth of a human hair, can effectively block all kinds of impurities in the water, including viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, reducing the arsenic, cadmium, chromium (hexavalent), the lead content of the water, to ensure the safety of each drop of water purified.

   Although RO membrane filter filtration powerful, it is the oldest in the entire purification path exists, if the water quality is not a particularly poor area, the useful life of up to 24 months.

   Qin Xiao Bian believe in listening to the presentation, Qin pink hearts little mystery should also find the answer. Water purifier filter cartridge different path assumed by filtration is not the same, but life is also varied, so the light of the above, the moment still do not recommend that all cartridges are put together, oh.

   although it can not complete more than Qin powder were thinking, but Qin Xiao Bian finally had to again remind Qin powder were warm, water quality and safety of drinking water is the key to influence family health, and water purifier cartridge is ensure effective water purifier filter, so Qin powder were safe drinking water for the whole family mustTo select the official authentic filter, so as to ensure that the whole family can drink at ease always good water Oh!

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