Zhongshan Huangpu consumer electrics show in real-time broad

   Chinas largest consumer electronics show - Zhongshan Huangpu Consumer Electronics Show was officially opened yesterday. As a leading brand of water purifiers - M, in the show in both product innovation or breakthrough exhibition form, have been unanimous praise of the industry!

涓北榛勫渻瀹剁數灞曞疄鏃舵挱鎶?鍗庡皵搴峰噣姘村櫒棣栧崟绐佺牬100涓?涓北榛勫渻瀹剁數灞曞疄鏃舵挱鎶?鍗庡皵搴峰噣姘村櫒棣栧崟绐佺牬100涓?涓北榛勫渻瀹剁數灞曞疄鏃舵挱鎶?鍗庡皵搴峰噣姘村櫒棣栧崟绐佺牬100涓?涓北榛勫渻瀹剁數灞曞疄鏃舵挱鎶?鍗庡皵搴峰噣姘村櫒棣栧崟绐佺牬100涓? [123 ] the exhibition - M is for a new conference is starting the year since, through this platform - M can be described as bright spots again and again in this exhibition.

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