Thermos toxic plastic cups do


   Thermos plastic cup is used in food polypropylene material, this brand of plastic cups in the end there is poison we can go to find out.




drink drink cups are a lot of species, in addition to the use of stainless steel and enamel cup cup outside, we drink water when you can also be applied to plastic cups. Thermos plastic cup is a plastic cup of the brand, this cup is selling better, but Thermos plastic cups poisonous? A lot of people in the process of buying, will be more concerned about the plastic cups will produce some toxicity, day in here we explain in detail aspects of knowledge about equipment, but can give you some tips.


in the choice of plastic cups, we want plastic cup itself is played, among food grade PP production process, and then after almost two Baidus high temperature and they will melt and then fixed, how much there will be some plastic taste, at the time of receipt of plastic cups, will be some residual smell, which is very difficult to clear. Thermos plastic cups in the end there is poison? He was mainly taking food grade PP material, so toxicity is not very large, we can also use it to drink.


plastic cups on the body there is no harm there is no toxicity, mainly depends on the production process of plastic cups, in today there are a lot of large-scale manufacturers to produce plastic cups are strictly enforce food grade PP, They are in accordance with national standards and the development of food-grade, plastic cups so naturally does not produce some toxicity, but wed better not to use plastic cups to drink water when the drink. The use of plastic cups, be sure to pay attention to the methods used for disposable plastic cups, it is necessary to promptly after use of throw away, can not be used again.


than we are talking about is the use of plastic cups to drink water in the end there is not toxic? Plastic cups that we live among the more common form of the cup, including the species will be more, there is a one-time, as well as long-term use. Here to remind you that the use of drinking cups or choose the best glass and enamel cup, so the body will not cause some harm, but any kind of cup when in use should be strict attention to the methods used to select when the cup is also a need to pay attention to quality, good quality cup, naturally the body will not cause some harm.




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