To grab a healthy happy life decoration - a minimum $ 1, loo

   people common saying, first, health, only happiness; but if it loses health, happiness is an empty promise, like junk stocks on the stock market, sooner or later will be ST. On the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, how do we send a gift to the family?

   September 26, Chengdu, a US home decoration five dingqiao Branch launched for owners of global Chengdu " to live a happy, new ideas to grab the decoration health ". At present, a very popular phrase, called, send gifts to health. Today, the company various decoration discount gift was rampant trend, but few really care about the health topic. So, a US home decoration is how to do it healthy decoration?



   Today, I Introducing readers will hit the United States how is decorated with six layers of protection for the health of renovation escort. Sextet security, as follows:

   1) Design of security. Home feng shui expert designers provide free monitoring, focus on feng shui living from the perspective of design, the lifting of all security risks everything from home improvement design source also home to safety. ;

   2) process security. This time the new upgrade of German technology, is to improve the living quality of the owners. In order to defend the good process safety, make your home truly worry-free quality;

   3) material security. This upgrade is based on an expanding share of global brands; CCTV brand list Dekor, Ai Jin Tao, Rodin, side too kitchen appliances and other well-known brands in this build-up.

   4) protection of a healthy lifestyle: love her, give her health. Actively promote healthy drinking water, healthy air (air purifiers), kitchen health (tobacco rope kitchen new technology), so that housewives entered a healthy way of life, on the one hand to enjoy drinking water and clean healthy air and healthy; a in avoiding the invasion of cooking fumes, no longer playing the "oil" strike, it forever young and beautiful.

   5) List, send a Ping Insurance.

   6) security services. Earnest money for the day pay a little decoration customers, the company offers "first renovation construction, satisfied the payments," the innovative service model.


   In addition, the wider a US home decoration with Friends prepared a happy home improvement 6 large deals, as follows.

   1, polite scene: the scene customers will receive a gift package, worth $ 3,000.

   2, the scene before all pay a deposit of 2000 yuan (or more) and the sign of the client can participate in a straight golden egg drop, the award Events, 100% winning.

   3,1 yuan grab appliances, the day of signing the minimum plus 1 per customer, you can in 15 seconds, spike brand appliances, buy LCD TV, water purifier, three-door refrigerators.

   4, enjoy signing privileges three. Signing more than 50,000 customers, first of all can enjoy a free upgrade and supplementary privileges, Dulux paint upgrade Germany fang paint; secondly, general crafts free upgrade to Ashkenazi process, at the same time, enjoy free gold foreman click privilege, our company gold foreman, are usually give a 3% click-and-click fee. Third, the President will receive supervision card, customers have the card, you can enjoy the Presidents Office, President personally supervise the handling of privilege. Headquarters executives inspect the site weekly.

   5, send signing property insurance. Signing over a certain amount, you can also receive a Ping An Insurance, the maximum insured amount of two million or more.

   6, the same day, home improvement and design fees, will be executed 5% discount.


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