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  These four points have to look at when buying a water purifier publish website: www.watersz.com Published: 2018-07-14 air and water are essential to human survival stuff, but increasingly serious pollution of drinking water the problem has been threatening our lives. In recent years, water pollution continue to be exposed by the media, making water purification equipment market and thus become more and more popular. However, todays good and bad quality water purifiers, consumers and tend to be made foggy sales hype introduction, there is no clue on how to choose a water purifier. But when buying a water purifier, there are four major speech remember not to believe, here with me to look at what? See if you have not caught? A, the lower the TDS value of water over safety and health when consumers buy water purifier sales staff will often take the case to measure TDS pen water purifiers purify the water quality. Typically, several hundreds of water TDS value, a filtered, immediate effect, has been described purified water, the water quality is improved. Salesperson will tell you: the lower the value, the cleaner the water, but the lower the TDS value of the water quality, the better it really, really safe healthy? It is not the case, but the TDS pen for detection of dissolved solids in water comprising salts and organic compounds and the like. The higher TDS value, but said more impurities contained in the water, which generally refers to impurities in water Ca2 +, Mg2 +, Na +, K + concentration in the plasma, and the water quality can not be expressed directly. So, TDS is too high (over 600 more, etc.) does indicate poor water quality, but the lower the TDS, does not mean better quality. TDS values 鈥嬧€媋nd water quality are two different concepts. Water quality is good or bad depends on its water quality indicators, good drinking water quality should be consistent with the corresponding national water quality standards. TDS is only an indicator of the number of quality indicators, TDS is mainly used to detect an indicator of pure water, distilled water, the RO membrane (reverse osmosis membrane) water quality of the water purifier. Qualified drinking water must meet the microbiological criteria (number of bacteria), toxicological index (heavy metal ion concentration), sensory properties (color, smell, taste, visible matter) and general chemical indicators and radioactive indicators. Clean and healthy drinking water must not contain pathogenic microorganisms, chemicals in water, radioactive substances must not endanger human health, a good sensory properties. Further, TDS value is also affected by temperature of water varies. Under normal conditions, water temperature, water calciumMagnesium ions combine with other substances to increase the conductivity, and thus will be higher TDS values. TDS and size simply can not reflect the size of harmful heavy metal ion concentration in the water, as for the number of bacteria in the water there is, the concentration of organic matter Gaobu Gao, whether nitrite concentration is exceeded, there is no pesticide residues which are not reflected by the size of the TDS. Even the water concentration of bacteria, heavy metal ion concentration in excess, as long as the water soluble Ca2 +, Mg2 +, Na +, K + and other ions is reduced, the TDS value is also reduced. Determine a good or bad water purification equipment will depend on a number of water quality testing, TDS only affect a particular indicator of water quality, the provisions of national indicators such as TDS, a total of 106 kinds. Single indicator does not represent the overall compliance standards, so the lower the TDS value of water is not super safe and healthy, but if the TDS value is too high, it is likely that your water purifier (water purification equipment) membrane filter or the replacement of friends. Second, experiments with electrolysis of water quality is good or bad water electrolysis experiments are often used to show consumers a lot of businesses and proof quality is good or bad, that kind of talk on the Internet a lot to see. In fact as early as 2011, it was rumor, this "water electrolyzer" can not detect water quality. . American famous "rumor mill" section has explained, looks very scary red-brown precipitate is precisely this so-called "water electrolyzer" generated. And this "water electrolyzer" is actually an ordinary electrolysis device, using the principle of electrolysis of water and is very similar. Water electrolyzer two electrodes by iron rods and rod thereof. Natural water contains a number of electrolytes, such as sodium, iron, calcium, magnesium and other ions, which has conductivity. After insertion of water electrolysis, the anode current is applied by the iron bar itself releases iron ions, various anions generated by binding iron ions and water to form various iron compounds, so that a flocculent precipitate appeared, that we see that these It looks dirty stuff. Tap water, mineral water, but also have a lot of floc, and pure water because they do not contain an ionic, non-conductive, so there is no color generation. However, after the addition of purified water in brine electrolysis, there are many colors floc. Therefore, electrolysis is let the color change has nothing to do with the quality of water, but the water is acting as a conductor. Indeed, tap water contains minerals are necessary for the body, so that the electrolytic water can not serve as the experiment according to the detection of water quality is good or bad. Third, no effluent water purifier purifying very poorWater purification and more sales staff will tell consumers: The cause of waste water purifier is tap water contains contaminants, to be discharged with the water. If there is no waste water discharge of the water purifier filter is poor, purified water is still residual contamination, inadequate safety and health. However, the fact that really true? In fact, from a technical perspective, the presence or absence of wastewater is representing two different types of water purification technologies, reverse osmosis water purifier does not discharge wastewater, and ultrafiltration machine is not discharged waste. And purifying effect of the water purifier should be professional and authoritative third-party testing organization validated, testing with professional testing equipment, stringent testing standards, scientific detection methods to verify that the water purifier purifying effect. Fourth, the big brands of water purifiers, assured reliable water purifier industry has been a very high threshold for the technology industry, not professional manufacturers really want to join in fact very difficult. There are many well-known domestic brands to sell water purification machines, in fact, no production history of these well-known brands of water purification equipment, but no R & D investment, just looking for some domestic plant for OEM manufacturing. There are some foreign brands of water purifiers do not understand the serious water pollution in China, with some of the equipment without reverse osmosis membrane to pose as high-tech products for the heavy metal ions in water, pesticides, hormones and other pollution can not be completely filtered. There are certain years in the history of the water purifier brand, will have excellent products, a large number of R & D investment is assured reliable. All these cases, consumers can look at the government health department approval documents, business licenses basically made clear. Sudden outbreak of water purifier, the rise of peoples health awareness. But the market was mixed, many promoters of mouth running train. For water purifier sales untrusted remarks to keep in mind, to prevent fraud. At the same time, buy a water purifier is best to choose a brand of regular products, rejected all three free products exaggerate the facts.

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