What water purifier should be noted in the coursof

   We buy a home water purifier it! But this attention in the course of what is under it? How can we better use of household water purifiers, small series the following matters should be noted that slowly come.



   When we first use a water filter must be careful not to drink water purifier immediately out of the water! Must take the faucet open, turn on the water for 15 minutes, until the release clean water until no foam, because in the interior of the water purifier has a water purifier in which the protection liquid, the inside of the protection liquid must take up water purifier clean.

   The best way is to wash the faucet three seconds, ten seconds and then close it, the cycle several times until no bubble until the water is clear.

   In the usual precautions in the use of water purification products:

   1, after the water purifier finished product must be held ultrafiltration the wet membrane filter, an ultrafiltration membrane if it leads to decreased production of dry water and never recover.

   2, three days without the use of water purifier must open the tap 3 minutes, to put water in the water purifier is clean!

   [ 123] 3, long-term use of the water purifier. Water purifier based on the water quality, the water purifier slowly decreased water production, water quality is good if it will lengthen the life of the water purifier.

   4, if long-term use of the water purifier water production declined his friends, but he does not drop water quality please rest assured use.

   5, when the water purifier fails, do not easily open water purifier in the filter.

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