From the beginning of July the country will officially enter the hot summer, this hot summer, is simply stepping on Hot Wheels come. Go two minutes to sweat for two hours. Outdoors, and facing the burning sun, and pretty soon the whole people are sticky. Super want to leave his work and rushed to take a cold shower and cool look.


   Wait a minute! What your home water bath with it? This is not right or tap water! Water pipeline leakage due to rust, lack of high-level water tank to clean water towers and other reasons, the family is suffering from water rust secondary pollution, sediment, bacteria, impurities and other harmful substances. Areas of serious water pollution, and even turn on the faucet at home, the first reaction would be "how this water so yellow, but the taste is so heavy!."

鐐庣値澶忔棩 浣犳洿闇€瑕侀厤澶囧叏灞嬩腑澶噣姘村櫒

Figure: secondary pollution pipeline

鐐庣値澶忔棩 浣犳洿闇€瑕侀厤澶囧叏灞嬩腑澶噣姘村櫒

Figure: contaminated cell water tank

  , you might say, take a shower only, and not direct eat and drink, which is what we have a home improvement kitchen water purifier! but in fact, because the water of bacteria, pollutants, will be all-pervasive invade your body. Not only will they invade through the mouth can also penetrate through the skin. According to Dr. world-renowned expert on water issues o Martin Fox in a book research "healthy water" show: "The whole body burden of volatile chemicals, can be divided into 1/3 ingested orally, 2/3 when washing or bathing ingested through the skin and the respiratory tract. "

鐐庣値澶忔棩 浣犳洿闇€瑕侀厤澶囧叏灞嬩腑澶噣姘村櫒

   that may be how to do it? summer always have to take a shower. Friends see this basin will be blessed, this Part teach you a trick, one step to solve these troubles with water. Installation of a liter of whole-house central water, let the water flow out of the faucet at home each are available direct drinking water purification, one step to solve the water problem of secondary pollution.

鐐庣値澶忔棩 浣犳洿闇€瑕侀厤澶囧叏灞嬩腑澶噣姘村櫒

   l of whole house central water, whole house through the inlet pipe installed at the central ultrafiltration water purifiers, whole house water purification treatment. Central flow ultrafiltration water purifier in charge of the kitchen, bathroom, etc., then according to the characteristics of water quality and water sites, select the corresponding end of the supporting purification products, in order to achieve household water supply, improve the quality of life of clean water. For example, in toilet water softener installed, adjusting the hardness of water, bathing water so that more "soft." In the kitchen alternative ultrafiltration partner, the taste better water quality and so on.

   may be worried that many users install whole house water purification center too MaBother? In fact, no need to worry, liters of water purification to provide users with a free one-whole house water purification Central customized services, including free on-site survey, design, water positioning, installation, maintenance and so on, so that users no worries. Home installed whole house Central liters of clean water, enough to meet bathing water diet "net", a full range of household water security guard.

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