What kind water purifier wpurifiwith my family for

   Common contaminants of drinking water can generally be divided into three categories: biological, physical and chemical contaminants.


   (1) Biological contaminants include bacteria, parasites and viruses. Thus, the need for a conventional drinking water purification and disinfection, the water holding part and chlorine.

   (2) physical contaminants including suspended solids, thermal pollution and radioactive contamination.

   (3) chemical pollutants include organic and inorganic compound

   purifier useful?

   Function purifier product is filtered water float, heavy metals, and so to get rid of bacteria and viruses, it has a high filtering techniques usually five filters, the filter is known as a sleeping mat PP cotton, granular activated carbon of the second stage, the third stage is a precision compression carbon, Zi four of the reverse osmosis membrane or ultrafiltration membrane, Zi after five activated carbon is mainly used to improve the taste and therefore more suitable for tap water purification the more polluted areas.

   water purification works:

   First stage: Microfiltration

   Microfiltration removal of various visible water, dust and impurities. These particulate materials from aging pipes, rust, etc. roof tank secondary pollution.

   Second stage: compression char

   Compression carbon to remove chlorine and organic impurities, such as hazardous pesticides. It can absorb water to produce organic odor, color and odor, water disinfection by-products derived from these substances.

   Third stage: ultrafiltration

   an ultrafiltration membrane capable of removing bacteria, viruses and spores in water and other substances.

   Fourth stage: The filter life indicator

   The apparatus of the internal gear structure design, with the water through, so that a rotation of the gear inside the axial movement, until the outlet plug live, the water can not pass through, which is calculated by the total over-designed travel water purifier to ensure the water is safe.

   which home water purifier should select

   Household water purification techniques can be divided by the filter, activated carbon adsorption, membrane technology, electrolysis, dissolution, mineralization, magnetic and other types, wherein the membrane technology can be divided into microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis.

   Comparative from water effect, superFiltration <绾虫护<鍙嶆笚閫忥紝鍙嶆笚閫忓嚭姘寸О涓虹函鍑€姘达紝瓒呮护鍜岀撼婊ら渶瑕佹椿鎬х偔閰嶅悎娓呴櫎鍖栧姹℃煋鐗?/p>

   If a heavy polluted cities, selected from heavy metal ion RO water purifier filtered off little insurance. If you have a lot of water to boil scale (generally north of hard water), or the pursuit of high taste of the drink, you can choose RO water purifier or water softener. 途 Water quality softer and less polluted areas (generally south the water is soft), want to save money, you can use ultrafiltration.

   water and chlorine, heavy taste area, an optional activated charcoal water filter more; serious pollution need drinkable family, optional reverse osmosis.

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