Rusty water pipe carcinogenic quickly use a water fil

  China the vast population, especially in big cities, building density is very high, the water pipe buried underground is more dense. Currently, most of the water pipe is galvanized pipe, easily rust in a wet basement. 鑷潵姘寸鐢熼攬鍙嚧鐧?璧剁揣浣跨敤鍑€姘村櫒

   1, although the water is reached in the factory when the standard drink straight, but to play the role of the transport water pipe after a long service life, rust formed in the duct, colonies, sand and other impurities, after the water pipeline will carry these contaminants from reaching the residents of the home. Facts have proved that long-term drinking water with rust, and will bring some health threat, more experts say, could lead to rusty water pipe drinking water are carcinogenic.


   2, the survey shows that the proportion of people of the city have liver disease is much higher than in rural areas, of which the most important reason is that tap water is iron oxide. Iron could have been an indispensable element of the human body, but the excess will cause adverse effects on the liver, severe cases may also get liver cancer.

   3, regardless of the water pipe rust will not cause cancer, home water purifier should be loaded up, home water purifier is to protect the safety and health of household drinking water birth. Water purifier to filter out most of the impurities in tap water to ensure a safe and healthy drinking water but also enhance the taste of tap water.

   4, the moment there are many families is safe to drink tap water, it also uses bottled water instead of tap water. With the popularity of home water purifiers, water will enter the national drink made from, the current system is to drink the stage, no doubt, will be home water purifier with its affordable, convenient, clean, healthy drinking water as many families to solve choice questions.

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