Qin Kang straight drink water purification campus ceremony d

   Tian Han people warm, deep love pass! December 27, 2017 is a Luan County Luan city street Haituozi head high school (hereinafter referred to as the lump in Luan County) staff and students to celebrate and never forget the day, Qin Kang water purification company in lump donation worth 36,000 yuan two water purification machines, providing high-quality childrens lives healthy drinking water and create a healthy low-carbon high-quality campus life, so that parents Duoliaoyifen enjoyable so that children can learn more of a peace of mind, more the childrens health paving a highway!



   donated scene warm touching, attended this donation are: Tangshan City Department of Education Logistics Office main Ren Guoyu lock, Gao Hua, Tangshan branch manager Xu Qin Kang from Zhuang, general manager Qin Kang Luan County Liu Zhendong, Ge celebration Luan County Board of Education, deputy director of business people rich, Luan County Board of Education and Logistics Director lump principal of Li Guoli, Vice president Feng Xiuhong.


   Vice President Feng Xiuhong chaired the meeting


   Qin Kang water purification company chief representative Xu from strong to Luan County lump carried water purification drink straight donation, Li Guoli principal recipient, posed for pictures.


   Li Guoli president to Qin Kang water purification company presented a banner, Luan County marketing manager Liu Zhendong accepted pennants, posed for pictures.




   outstanding student speaking on behalf of

   determined student representatives will be full of spirit into the future of school life, study hard, with honors in return care business and society.


   Qin Kang water purification company chief representative Xu from strong speech

   [ 123] Manager Xu talked about in his speech: Qin Kang has been to focus on practical action to student drinking water health, safety, convenience of drinking water is the responsibility of the enterprise environment where, and called on the students to feelings of gratitude turned into an inexhaustible motive force, work hard , to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream and make unremitting efforts!


   Qin Kang water purification company Luan County dealer manager Liu Zhendong speech


   Tangshan City Board of Education Logistics Office Director Guo Yu lock speech

   Guo speech talking about: the development and construction of education has always been leaders at all levels, and our friends love and support, Qin Kang water purification company spirit of kindness and love, let us deeply moved by City Board of Education, they donated to Luan County lump in water purifier drink straight, bring the children not only health, safety, environmental protection, drinking water more important is the tremendous power of the spirit, the warmth of every soul, every piece of moist and the heart, so that the majority of teachers and students by education and edification.


   Luan County Board of Education Business Fumin, deputy director of speech

   Business Secretary speech, said: Luan County lump in the county is the only one to accept the secondary water purifier donated by schools, selected from the school since July 2016, Luan County dunes head middle school has made considerable progress and development in education and teaching, school profile has undergone enormous changes, the community has won high degree of recognition and praise from all walks of life, the education sector has grown for the county to "self-improvement, frequently breaking achievement" of a window. To further support the development of Luan County education, and promote the healthy growth of young people, Qin Kang water purification company to the children brought a heart-warming gift.


   similar meaning strong, drink from the source, remember that time, I remember love! Li Guoli president on behalf of Luan County lump expressed the highest respect to the distinguished guests and leaders, but also represents the lump in affectionate expression of gratitude four: First, thanks for the selfless contributions chief representative Xu Qin Kang from strong manager; second, thanks Qin Kang Luan County manager Liu Zhendong distributor hospitality; third, thanks to the high leadership of the Council and Guo Yu Hua Zhuren lock Director of loving care; fourth, thanks Fumin county bureau leader, deputy director and director of Ge celebration of love for lump.


   Li Guoli president affectionate caution: Children, you are lucky, is also the most happy! There are kneeling sheep milk grace, crow nurturing the meaning of, drip grace, the smallest favor. Let us cherish all teachers and students to understand, know Thanksgiving, learn from it, with good character, good habits, good behavior, good grades in return Qin Kangs Donations, in the future with the knowledge, skills used, with love back to society, because we are deep everyone has to know inexhaustible wealth, and that is love. When you give love, you will feel the worldIndustry become more beautiful because of you!


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