What military aluminum kettle with a good cleaning


   military aluminum kettle with a good clean, on this issue we have not personally experienced it, surely we are not very clear it, then let you answer it.




Does anyone know of any good military aluminum kettle with clean it, small series 2020-06-04 Does this matter, and we have no good way, or do you please to answer them we, we have to learn, oh.


aluminum kettle with a long time is inevitable that some dirt, military aluminum kettle with nothing to clean it, we see some small way as we provide;


1, put in the bottle these scraps of paper, then pour warm salt water, gently shaking for a while, scale addition to the net.


2, may be poured into a 1% concentration of sodium bicarbonate 500 grams of water, vinegar or heating into the bottle, rinse gently shaking, the scale can be removed.


3, the two egg shell slightly crumble, put into the flask, and then into cold water half mug, and hold the plug stopper with a hand, the thumb and other fingers holding the bottle the neck portion, the bottom hold the other hand, the rotation shake up and down. About 20 seconds, remove the stopper, pouring the shell, and then rinsed with water to twice.


4, with vinegar 250 g, poured into the hot water bottle, soaked for several hours, and then up and down, side to side, will fall off the bottle scale. After


5, 200 g of dilute hydrochloric acid to take place while the bottle immersion, can remove scale and then shaking the bottle.


6, cook pasta poured into water bottle, drained a few minutes after the shaking, then rinse to clean.


we understand at least these methods can be easily cleaned aluminum kettle, and you may wish to try Oh. Thank you for interest in our family drinking little knowledge, we will talk in the next stage to introduce the kind of cup to drink the most secure, so stay tuned.




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