The main factors affecting the water purifier storsales and

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in the terminal stores management, performance management can be said to account for a hundred percent of all retail management daily work, that our daily work is to actually end stores have a good performance. In the store management, the diagnostic performance of the Institute in favor of retail store managers to detect terminal problem.

   six data

store performance diagnostics include: traffic, rate into the store to experience rate, turnover rate, and even single rate, keep them coming back.

   First, the traffic

   so-called traffic are defined by the address from the shop, after the number of stores within a certain period of time, and the number of people belonging to our target consumer groups. To remind here that is different from the traffic flow of people, the flow of people refers to those containing the customer does not belong to our target consumer.

   traffic factors generally include: weather, position, promotions and activities.

   upgrade method:

   1, make a pivot table based on daily sales receipts, directly determine the peak and downturn in sales, and find out why there will be peaks and sluggish. Then according to this trend, made at different marketing strategies at different stages.

   2, the shop each season to make a theme at all times, and in front of conspicuous location: publicity (example windows, throwing Taiwan, etc.), for example, if the time is now part of the World Cup in Brazil, this time you can take advantage of this global event promotional activities to increase our traffic.

   3, by way of business alliances to attract customers, so as to enhance traffic. The so-called business alliance refers to the use of combinations of bundled product publicity, such as suits and bridal salon cooperation, if the wedding, you can get suits Qizhe discount stores, and can receive a special gift, which is part of the business alliance mode .

   Second, into the store

   into the store so-called amount refers to the total number of people entering the store, into the store number of the store into the = / * 100% traffic, directly into the store reflect the shop to create an atmosphere of good or bad, if you create a good, then into the store rate will be higher, if the general build that into the store rate will be relatively low. Now on the market a lot of FMCG rate into the store generally will be relatively high, and high-end clothing into the store rate is generally low, because the consumer groups has been limited.

   factors: influence of the brand, store image, store atmosphere, and the gold window display area.

   upgrade method:

   1. Adjust shop music, different periods of time choose to play different music, with special emphasis on when the light field need to do is music to control, this is the manager did not notice a lot of;

   2, shop lighting adjustment, some store owners because of "cut costs" and some of the light is turned off, it is recommended even under no circumstances should not be guests shop lights turned off, so that will give customers a good shopping environment;

   3, tone control shop, this is done mainly by adjusting display, making the display of the time, there must be thematic and the main colors;

   4, the state personnel adjustments in the light field into the store rate is particularly low, the store manager may wish to organize what personnel group calisthenics study, or let people shop at the door stations and oral advocacy.

   Third, the experience of

   so-called experience rate is the product of the probability of the customer experience in the store inside and experience the experience rate = number / total number of people into the store.

   factors: sales skills, display, service and so on.

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