Two-eleven ceremony Angel An impressive all-round


two-day 11, all the people in the "momentary cool hand chop, chop the hand has been cool" atmosphere in the two-eleven pushed to a climax, the business also completed the final round of boom. Angel water purifier high-end specialists in double eleven start "all the national festival Sheng Hui double 11" activities perfect ending, and the record is striking.




(Angel double eleven some consumers)


data, October 17 to 11 November, under the traditional retail business line Angel amount of performance far exceeded expectations, an increase of 65%, RO machine sales rose nearly doubled, an increase of up to 190%. It is worth mentioning that the Angel August of this year-round kitchen water purifier sales in the latest invention of A7 two-elevens doing well, accounting for the first in more than 6500 high-end market.


At the same time, and thanks to new and old users attention and continued support, Angel is live sweepstakes in double eleven that night, now worth millions list of winners has also been freshly baked, winning list of cash items and the public can follow Angel number.


This evening a live event attracted nearly 13 million people online in a live. Live evening, Angel senior leaders is related to broadcast live, in person extracting one million list of winners, which shows Angel importance of new and old customers.




(At left Angel: Director of Marketing Joan Chen, Assistant President Hao Xiaowei, president of that hole, deputy general manager Wang Po marketing system)


Angel 27 anniversary 27g of gold commemorative coins, Huawei cell phone MATE30 Pro, a full list of cash back and other prizes such huge temptation to naturally small, so Angel double eleven live events beginning, it attracted many users to participate. Sweepstakes is simple, every leader will participate in a live corresponding to respective awards, out of the list of winners by their corresponding award. Among them, the grand prize is the most attention, because the winner will receive 27g of gold to commemorate the 27 anniversary of the Angel gold coin.




(Angell, president of the extraction hole total Grand Prize list)


While Angel 27g gold coins for special significance. It is reported that this year is the 27 anniversary celebration Angel, and in October, AngelBy the occasion of the anniversary of 27 years in Shenzhen headquarters held a "see-around-card era" -2019 Angel Day anniversary witness a quality theme, the event invited a number of national media authority and Angel old user, go together into Angel, in-depth knowledge and understanding of water quality Angel 27 years of brand heritage and technical details.


As the only company to focus on clean drinking water for 27 years in the field of business, there is no what a brand like Angel persist for so long only do this one thing. "Angel 27 years as one day hopes to use technology to change peoples way of drinking water." That said, as the hole at the event, so whether the all-around national festival activities also Sheng Hui, or the live raffle for Angel to He said the brand is not only innovative attempt, but Angel prefer to use todays youth prefer interactive way to communicate with them, build the brand and the user direct emotional connection, really into the users heart.

   (Source: Tencent home, invasion deleted)

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