The efficacy and role of drinking water


   Water is the source of life, we can not do without it. Then you know the effectiveness of the role of water in it?




Water is life, people usually drink the most water, it is light and tasteless, is extremely common. But is this glass of water conditioning has a very important role in the physiological mechanism of the human body. Following small specific about efficacy and role of drinking water.


fasting morning drink a glass of warm boiled water on the human body is everything to gain and nothing to harm, it can not only dilute the blood, lower blood viscosity, promote blood circulation, but also reduce the risk of blood clots and prevent heart disease "peak" of the heart and cerebrovascular disease, which is particularly important for the elderly. early morning wake up drink a glass of warm water, not only to sleep at night due to the dissemination of the body of water due to the physiological decrease from to quench their thirst, diuretic effect, but also make the skin becomes smooth and delicate.


Oral cleaning rinse water temperature


Clean warm water, mild, is a benign protective agent, does not stimulate the oral cavity, throat, mouth with warm, fresh feel uncomfortable, so that oral bacteria , easier to remove food residue.


of warm water to brush your teeth to protect the gums


Medical research shows that dental optimal temperature is 35 degrees Celsius metabolism. If you brush your teeth not pay attention to the water temperature, easily lead to cramps and bleeding gums, tooth shorten life.


to get up early cup, breakfast good absorption


a cup of warm water in the morning, the water can dash to the place "clean" to help stomach, liver and kidney shoulder, not only to relieve constipation, reduce cerebral thrombosis, the incidence of myocardial infarction, but also help you to effectively absorb breakfast. Therefore, the early morning wake up, you must remember to drink 1-2 cups (200-400 mL) warm water.


choked, quickly drink warm water


Like heated lubricant retained in the esophagus to clear the throat, with good "specific function."


hangover effect of good


let drunk people who drink several cups of warm water immediately, can effectively dilute alcohol, protection of human liver, drunk and vomiting compensate for the loss of large amounts of water.


Paul "stomach" secret early morning is best to drink warm openWater


The first morning drink cup of warm water. Early morning drinking can promote blood circulation and prevent cardiovascular disease. Ordinary people to drink boiled water early morning as well, should not add salt (such as drinking salt water will add to hypertonic dehydration, it is doubly dry mouth. Moreover, the morning is the first peak of blood pressure, and drinking salt water will make blood pressure higher). Constipation, drink honey water is a good choice. Fasting early morning wake up drink no more than 150 milliliters.


how to drink boiled water to be healthy


raw water contains a lot of bacteria, and various impurities, detrimental to human health. So when people are drinking water will be boiling, so that we can properly kill some of the bacteria in the water, or is detrimental ingredients. But for how much water the degree burn can drink this issue, many people do not know. Just as long as you can drink the water to a boil. Xiao Bian remind you: but this view is not entirely correct.


According to family drinking small Knowledge Introduction: After boil water can indeed eliminate some substances harmful to human health. But when the water boiled, we must continue to boil for three minutes in which the human body can be detrimental content of halogenated hydrocarbons and chloroform decreased rapidly. This water is beneficial to human health. If the water contains other impurities may be eliminated by the use of home water purifier clean, to ensure safety of drinking water.




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