Water bacteria dection method


   What are the water bacteria detection method, how to detect whether the tap water contains bacteria it? If water containing bacteria, then how can we let the user be assured of drinking it? Next Xiaobian to introduce specific.


water and we can say that life is closely related substances, can not do without running water all the time, but how can we be considered safe to drink tap water, tap water now these problems occur, how to reassure the majority of water users? So how drinking water was safe? It is not to buy a home water purifier would be better?


The total number of bacteria can be detected in water medium agar plate count.


In general, nutrient agar (NA), Tryptic Soy Agar (TSA) and plate count agar (PCA) is used as substrate mesophilic bacteria, ingredients 3 are similar, usually you can replace each other. Of course, if the detection is done according to the standard, it is possible by the same culture method based on the testing standards.


PCA formula: trypticase peptone 2.5g glucose, 5.0g yeast extract 1g Agar 15g


Formulation Nutrient agar: Peptone 10.0g Beef Extract Powder 3.0g sodium chloride 5.0g agar 15g only formula analysis, pancreas casein peptone bacteria easiest to use; and peptone stomach enzymatic hydrolysis of animal tissue derived, they are constantly break down when the bacteria use, use of them need more work on; yeast extract contains large amounts of B vitamins, and promoting bacterial growth; beef extract powder containing N and growth factors, can promote bacterial growth good; glucose is a carbon source, the bacteria can directly use; only for maintaining the osmotic pressure of sodium chloride; agar is coagulating agent; from above analysis can be seen, PCA agar is more suitable for bacterial growth.


above it is the introduction of small series, detection on whether tap water contains bacterial, hoping to be useful to everyone, but also to remind the user to drink tap water, and pay attention to drinking water, drinking more families Tips to make in this site, please everyones attention this site other sections.




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