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  Rational choice home water purifier home water purifier to buy knowledge publishing site: www.watersz.com Published: 2018-08-15 We live in a serious pollution of the process of industrialization, healthy drinking water is our urgent problem to be solved If we use water purifiers to protect the safety of water daily, then we in the end the choice of what kind of home water purifier it? water purifier selection and there is no direct link? and the next Xiaobian we analysis. The main municipal water is tap water, city water, but not necessarily in line with standards generally safe to drink city tap water is in line with the standard, but we can not say that it is "safe" drinking water. Because the current drinking water standard does not contain some of the recent research results. Such as algal toxins, it is a toxin water produced during decomposition of dead algae, in the past failed to recognize it harmful to human health, the former national drinking water standards where it does not provide for limits algal toxins. But now we discovered that algae toxin for liver and kidney damage, long-term drinking water containing algal toxins, but also promote the occurrence of liver cancer. Therefore, the forthcoming revised drinking water health standards in China, in particular, an increase of microcystin (microcystin toxin is the most toxic algae, the most common type of pollution. Boil tap water, although the easiest way is not "safe", but do not be afraid Therefore, as long as the boil, it is safe to drink .100 鈩?high temperature can kill a variety of harmful bacteria in water, but water can not burn too long, not as some publicity as boiling more than 3 minutes because the water does not contain some volatile substances, burning time is too long, too much water evaporates, it will cause a concentration of these substances. over time, the body is also harmful to our countrys mostly cast iron water pipe containing many heavy metals. Thus, we need to choose a very suitable home water purifier. structure household water purifiers generally coarse filtration, activated carbon adsorption, ion-exchange resins, hollow fiber, and several reverse osmosis membrane. election buy a water purifier ideal and practical, should consider the following aspects: First, water purifier water purifier brand is reliable varieties available in the market quite a mixed bag, good and bad, we may fall into a moment of confusion, but as long as we stick with. regular manufacturers of qualified products and have regular book, and that the quality of products is guaranteed. Second, choose the right filter to shutimportant. The first generation of water purifier primarily activated by simple filtration, ceramics, etc., can easily be contaminated, polluted water, fail to effect clean water; water purifier second generation polymer using a variety of artificial membrane filtration, to remove the water harmful It had significant effects, but its fatal flaw is filtered out of the body beneficial trace elements. Third Generation water purifier using the nanocrystalline filter technology, a good solution to the second generation of the defect of the water purifier, filter out harmful substances and heavy metals in water and the like. So when you choose a water purifier, be sure to ask clear filter technology used and the media, to see whether to meet their own needs. Third, if a safe and effective sterilization techniques. Water purification equipment sterilization in two ways, one is added disinfectant, disinfectant can kill part of the bacteria, but the disinfectant contains trace amounts of chemical ingredients harmful to human health; and second, ultraviolet disinfection, ultraviolet disinfection technology is internationally recognized as the most effective one sterilization technique, because ultraviolet disinfection safe, efficient, quick kill virtually all bacteria; and ultraviolet disinfection sterilization using physical principles, without any chemical agents, will not have side effects on the human body. Fourth, whether they have a sound service system. After a lot of consumers to buy certain brands, or can not find the service telephone company repair service address this situation, so that consumers are helpless, also caused a waste of resources, many water purifiers utterly useless; water purifier sale mainly in the replacement of the filter element, such as long-term replacement of the filter, it will pollute the water, water purifiers will become "water is." Select water filter must choose the perfect after-sales service, such as the use of customer service system to track customer information, tips and other customers and the company replace the filter. Fifth, according to the water quality to buy. 1, different regions of different water hardness, the north and south China limestone of high hardness region, water calcium and magnesium ion content is high, easy to scale, should buy water purifier with an ion exchange resin advanced filter cartridge. 2, the chlorine-containing water, color odor heavier, higher organic content of city water, optional large amount of activated carbon home water purifier. Since activated carbon has a strong adsorption of water and chlorine, color smell, significant removal of organic matter. 3, the water is used for urban and purification of turbid water, should buy coarse filter, fine filter dual function of household water purifiers. For heavily contaminated water, it requires a thorough filter any impurities in the water, without heating direct consumption, should buy reverse osmosis water. Just do the above points, then weYou will be able to choose a cost-effective home water purifier in addition to these hardware conditions it!

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