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  Why do we use kitchen water purifier? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 220 Date: 2019-4-3 16:33:39 domestic water pollution, water shortage exacerbated contradictions. The water purification methods, can not guarantee to provide good quality drinking water, but also in the municipal water tank water supply contamination, there are still high-level and long water pipelines pollution, will cause pollution potential of rust, scale and microorganisms. Parts of the country, there are still serious problems of water seriously overweight antibiotics, pesticides and pollution. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) survey showed that China has a third of the population does not meet health standards in drinking water, "water pollution" has become Chinas most important water environment. With the rise of the water purification industry, began to emerge kitchen water purifier, central water purification machines and other products. The face of this complex product name, a lot of people ask why we use kitchen water purifier? Kitchen water purifier in the end what role? 鎴戜滑涓轰粈涔堣鐢ㄥ帹鎴垮噣姘村櫒锛? width= We all know that water is mainly used for kitchen vegetables, cooking and other uses, and the food that we have three meals a day food. When tap water contains contaminants rust, scale, antibiotics, etc., will inevitably be people drink into the body, especially antibiotics, bleaching powder, heavy metals, bacteria in this category can not be removed by boiling contaminated, the body will lead to a very long-term consumption much harm, induce various diseases. So the kitchen fitted with a kitchen water filter is necessary, for the family home of the elderly and children is more imminent. Then the kitchen water purifier can get rid of these pollutants do? Five of the first stage filtration precision high quality polypropylene filter material non-toxic, odorless, after heating and melting, spinning, drawing, molding is made to accept a tubular filter can remove rust, scale and other visible / dust and impurities. The second stage of high quality activated charcoal and husk activated carbon from coal as raw materials, by a special process, which combines adsorption, filtration, intercepted catalysis in one example can effectively remove the water and other hazardous pesticides pesticides, antibiotics, bacteria, chlorine and other radioactive substances, and bleaching, odor removal effect. It can absorb water to produce organic odor, color and odor. Sintered activated carbon of the third stage quality coconut shell charcoal as raw materials, high technology, machining by a special process, to enterStep removal of organic matter in water, chlorine and other radioactive substances, and bleaching to remove large particles of impurities efficacy of odor, rust, sand and other. Principle of reverse osmosis technology fourth stage RO membrane permeation bleed pressure above the solution, but other substances can not be separated from water and these substances to permeate through the membrane. Since the reverse osmosis membrane pore size is very small (0.0001 m), it is possible to efficiently remove the water of dissolved salts, colloids, scale, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals and the like. Fifth stage mouthfeel factor. Leis can effectively remove the odor, improve taste, to inhibit the growth of bacteria. By kitchen water filter which five heavy filtering technology, can make the water reach the standards for drinking water.

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