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  An industry scientific and technological innovation to promote the progress of the industry. In recent years, water purifier market is booming, all kinds of water purifier brand continue to emerge. Recalling 2014, Philips adhering to user-centered design concepts, create high-quality products with technological innovation. It continued selling the water purifier market, has set a benchmark for the water industry, leading the healthy development of the industry.

   water industry ushered in the rapid development of high-end users the new darling of the water purifier to

   about the past of 2014 is a year of rapid development of water purification industry. Water purification industry from an unknown grass-roots industry gradually developed into todays sunrise industry. Water purifier has gradually become the pursuit of a fashion, popular lifestyle of drinking water from the initial tool. PRC, the data show that in 2014 January-April water purification equipment sales rose 45.2%, well above the 1.5% year on year growth of the overall market of home appliances. Industry insiders estimate that water purification equipment in the next six years to achieve 45 percent compound annual growth in 2020 my countrys water purification equipment is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan, reached 128 billion yuan, the water industry will enter a period of rapid development.

   Under the background of the rapid development of the entire water purification industry, high-end water purification products are way popular. This shows that in todays increasingly serious water pollution, safe drinking water to people more and more attention. Philips, the worlds top 500 enterprises, its high-end water purifier sales leading the way in 2014, became a leader in high-end water purifier.

   Why Philips Water Purifier made such remarkable achievements it?

   actively engaged in scientific and technological innovation into high-end Philips Water Purifier leader

   only by adhering to a business enterprise innovation in order to maintain vitality in the market competition. As a representative of the water industry high-end brands, Philips R & D team is constantly engaged in scientific and technological innovation, adhere to the people-centered design philosophy, and strive to create the most awesome user experience.

   For example, in water purification Pierre WP3887 2014 Nian-selling, innovative use of technology to ensure that every drop of water are clean and safe. Philips WP3887 is configured independently developed Multi Guard protection system, which consists of pre-filter and fine filtration of two parts. The scientific and technological innovation, can effectively filter rust, sediment, bacteria, macromolecular organic pollutants, while retaining the human body needs minerals and microAmount of the element, so that the water becomes sweet and delicious.

   In addition to these innovations, WP3887 Philips also reflects the people-oriented design concept, from the user point of view of continuous improvement and strive for excellence. It uses a unique 360 鈥嬧€嬄?rotatable controlled adjustment, fully open a new era of intelligent water purifier. User can freely choose the angle of the water, the use of non-dead and more convenient; in addition to provide users with WP3887 raw water, raw water shower, the water purification multiple modes of operation, the user gently struck handle, the free water switching mode, applicable to different usage scenarios, these small designs allow consumers to put it down.

   now look back on 2014, Philips Water Purifier always, committed to the development of high-end water purifier, has a pivotal position in the water purifier market. Industry experts said water purification, water purification Philips through technological innovation and strict control of product quality, not only become a model for high-end water purifier, the industry has set a benchmark for quality, and promote the healthy development of the high-end water purifier market.

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