Which brand of plastic cups


   Do you know which brand of plastic cups, okay? Good plastic cup is not good to distinguish how to answer.




How to tell a good plastic cup is not good, a good brand of plastic cups, on this issue we will do detailed investigation, please pay attention to our findings. Welcome to the popularity of home while drinking little knowledge, you will learn a lot of oh.


Which brand of plastic cups, small series to recommend the following ten plastic cups cups;


Lock & Lock plastic cups


Disney Disney plastic cups


for the rich light plastic cup


Shipping Greek plastic cup


Hello kitty plastic cup


Lvzhu plastic cup


Camellia plastic cup


CONTIGO plastic cups


Hals plastic cups


Miffy plastic cups


tips: No matter what brand, plastic cups bottom of the cup there is a triangle, these logo compiled on behalf of plastic cups of identity, but also to the quality of the plastic cup. Brand is important, but should be placed in plastic cups Material Safety first.


welcome attention to us, talks next issue we tell you what the safest drinking cup, so stay tuned.




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