Patio good quality water booster Lynx Life Festival unveiled

   November 3, 2018 Beijing. Lynx live electrical industry sponsored "good quality water Lynx Life Festival" cum Lynx double 11 water purification industry trends conference held in Beijing, Unilevers brand water purifier Patio and field colleagues and the media to discuss the net future trends in the water industry. But also to take this opportunity to officially release new smart None barrels - Patio Elf KRL3863. The products through industry-leading high-efficiency filtering, and intelligent networking technology to meet the market demand for healthy drinking water, help to enhance the consumer experience with water.


   Patio fun in good quality water

   In the "good water quality Lynx Life Festival" event, most attention is the first joint Lynx data released by the tripartite mechanism industry White Paper "new middle class consumer to upgrade the quality of water in the era of insight into the report." The report shows that quality of life is important to pursue a new middle class, which is a prerequisite for a healthy quality of life. Water as an indispensable part of peoples lives, its importance is increasingly prominent. Water quality can bring good health for the people, therefore, water purifier is becoming an integral part of many home appliances.

   However, the report also pointed out that when people use a water filter, are often faced with product volume is too large to understand the changes in water quality, clear time for the core, as well as small water and other issues. As the focus on clean water for 20 years the strength of the brand, Patio had insight into consumer demand, continue to develop cutting-edge technology, specially in the Congress and therefore heavy launch Patio Elf KRL3863 no barrel machine, not only has a great flow, filter monitoring, intelligent operation and other functions, help consumers enjoy better health, optimizing the experience.


   each Patio of product design, are the needs of consumers and water security in the first place. The new Patio Elf KRL3863 no barrel machine that is reflected in the relentless pursuit Patio and vision to lead the industry trends. This product uses the Patio leading five fine filter technology, and a new Zhaopin system, so that it can truly improve the user experience of drinking water, improve living standards.

   enjoy quality core intellectual realm

   compared to the previous product, Patio Elf KRL3863 no barrels biggest upgrade is intelligent, by IOT opened the connection between the product and the user. Because equipped with WIFI technology ZhaopinThe user can phone APP remote control, make the operation more convenience. Not only that, users can filter life by APP real-time monitoring, monitoring of water quality changes, to understand water flow. Both the body and APP personalized reminder feature that allows consumers in time for the core, to ensure water quality and safety, and even to help consumers complete a purchase key filters, a key security and other operations. The product is equipped with a voice interactive features, will increase user interest in daily use.



Patio wizard KRL3863 bucketless machine core 4 disposed efficiency filter 5

   net enjoy life healthy water

   In addition to intelligence , Patio elves KRL3863 no barrel machine using a large flow of 400G RO membrane filtration, water can flow up to 1.05 liters / min, greatly enhance the amount of water to help users solve the water problems of the past for a long time.

   Meanwhile, the core 4 is used in the product "PP cotton + CTO activated carbon composite membrane + RO + CPP filtration membrane" configuration of the high efficiency filter 5, the highest filtration precision of up to 0.0001 microns, must be removed most of the users health and drinking experience component damage and ensure water quality and more secure, but also to improve taste, increase the oxygen content of drinking water. In addition, Patio elves KRL3863 barrels can be realized without the filter that is ready to drink, the water will not be long-term storage in the machine, to avoid secondary pollution, and waste water rate is reached 1.5: 1, so that consumers in environmental protection at the same time, but also to real-time drinking fresh water.

   KRL3863 bucketless machine also has dual faucet A is the pure water (RO water by the membrane): drinkable; the other is a water purifier (after the previous composite filter, but without RO film): it can be used to wash fruits and vegetables. To provide users with a variety of options, the use of more humane.

   As a water purifier in the industry occupied a leading brand, Patio always forget the early heart, adhere to innovation, combined with cutting-edge technology and user-friendly product design, excellent products for consumers and attentive service. Future, Patio will complete quality, high-end transformation, together with the Chinese family from net new future.

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