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   Since the reform and opening up, my countrys economic take-off so that the manufacturing sector, but also for our natural environment has been severely damaged, air pollution and water pollution is particularly serious.

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   The traditional way of drinking water as he burned the tap water, bottled water, drinking fountains, etc. due to the secondary pollution problem, began to lose peoples trust, can not meet peoples requirements for water health. Water purifier can be said to arise largely solved the peoples needs, but there are a variety of defects, need to constantly upgrade.

   even though there are various problems water purifiers, but its benefits are obvious, water purifier sales rising is the best proof.

   2012 - 2017 was our home water purifier sales increased year by year, the growth rate fluctuations, the annual compound growth rate of 28%; in 2015 our home water purifier industry sales of over 30 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 32.4%, growth remained strong. Size of the market is climbing at the same time, water purifiers also ushered in the intensive influx of competitors.

   users can experience enhance the quality of life brought water purifiers, it can act on all aspects of domestic water, not only in water way. Second, compared to the traditional way of drinking it more environmentally friendly, particularly shared water purifier advocated cutting-edge technology with the concept of consumption. ?

   shared water purifier to solve the problem which conventional water purifiers, water purifiers make the step in the direction of conventional appliances it clear spring water purifier mainly considers the following three points:

   [ 123] 1, to eliminate concerns of consumers

   clear mountain spring water purifier good solution to share the concerns of consumer costs, the cost of buying a traditional water purifier is expensive follow-up costs are expensive to use, especially change cost core.

   Second, if you can not change the core can also cause secondary pollution, increased use of consumer concerns. Share purchase fee-free water purifier free installation fee, free for the core, free maintenance, only a dollar a day fee on the line.

   2, shared clean spring water purifier powerful

   The water purifier clean shared spring stylish appearance, consistent with the requirements of modern home; efficient and rational internal structure, reducing the probability of failure generation ; imported RO membrane, sweet pure drinking water.

   Clear spring water purifier is also equipped with shared intelligence was linked APP, you can always water TDS value, filter use, water purification equipment status at a glance, so use a water filter is more simple and intuitive. For the core reminder, remote wash, repair, etc. to find a collection of powerful features, allowing users to grasp the full range of their water security anytime, anywhere.

   3, which corresponds to the current consumer attitudes and frontier science and technology

   share the economy and the Internet, artificial intelligence are no doubt the development direction of smart home. High-tech society is becoming increasingly lazy people, and only use them to make them feel at ease worry of products to make them the desire to buy, share water purifiers have clung to the minds of consumers in this regard.

   appliances conventional water purification process must not be stopped, if the majority of water purification agents to seize the shared water purifier opportunities for development, undoubtedly make their careers more on floor.

   (Source: clear mountain spring water purification organ network, invasion deleted)

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