Water purifier franchisee marketing techniques Ann Staa you

鍑€姘村櫒鍔犵洘鍟嗚惀閿€鎶€宸?瀹変箣鏄熸暀浣犲洓鐐规姠鍗犺储瀵屽厛鏈? width= 2015 water purifier industry has experienced too much, in the huge market demand stimulus, coupled with the introduction of water and 50 of the Thirteen Five program, so that the water purification industry has also ushered in an unprecedented development industry a good time, industry as a whole over last year growth rate of more than 35%, water purifiers to join undoubtedly become one of the most promising investment value of the home appliance industry, some experts predict that in the next ten years, the water purification industry will usher 400 billion market peak, which means that the next decade will be the golden age of venture capital. So, the key water purifiers joined agents how to do the management and team building, selling it to open small series of specially interviewed the person in charge of marketing, combined with manufacturers 19 years of experience in the market depth analysis:? Employees are supporting overall operations key.

   First, skinny team is very stable

   excellent water purifier agents and dealers to stabilize the backbone of the team Why? Because based on married women. This is a significant finding because sales of small series have been considered a male-dominated occupations. Think of it also makes sense, because men have a stronger psychological adventure, doing good men it is easy to quit or business. But women are strong Liean given psychological, especially married women, because children have a stronger security requirements. At the same time, married women than men mood swings small, not easily conflict with superiors or subordinates.

   Second, there is the scientific management system

   of the family business, a lot of people have been vocal opposition, but water purification agents to join the family business of the phenomenon is difficult to avoid. Found that many people have mixed two family businesses and family management problems, it is difficult to say. The family business is the concept of property rights, refers to funds from a family; family management is another concept, a family business ownership is not necessarily a family management. Family business as long as several family members involved in the management and the formation of small groups, will form a family management. In general, family members have a strong sense of insecurity of non-family members, professional managers often feel the job right. Excellent water purifiers to join the agency will limit the number of family members, or only allow family members to participate in a very special position, and does not give administrative privileges. And even some water purification agents to join once said: water purifier agents to join in order to develop, we must first sister and sister-son please go out. From the management perspective, the development of enterprises from the people learn to manage not trust the beginning, because the familyFamily members are credible, it is difficult to establish a system to a working system of the general staff.

   Third, provide opportunities for employees

   excellent water purification agents to join the treatment of employees lower than expected, but some employee turnover frequent water purification agents to join the treatment is not low. Agents excellent means of keeping water purifiers to join, first of welfare because welfare is more likely to create a sense of security. Most water purification agents to join the excellent staff travel every year to make a second; followed by expectations of growth, because excellent water purifier agents to join in the development, development can create opportunities for employees.

   Fourth, often to peer learning

   Some water purification agents to join regularly participate in training, but the effect is not significant. Some water purifiers joined agents often go to better water purification agents to join the study, effective faster this way.

   want to run a good water purifier franchise, to have a scientific and rational management skills, and through the water purifier franchise entrepreneurs own efforts, I believe that success is not far away, only then can make your store easily in the market many brands stand out, become your wealth is a good helper! invite you to join, to seize the wealth of opportunities, 0 initial fee, the shop that is earned!

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