Why water purification agents to build their owneam

   such a highly competitive market environment, water purifier production is not easy, large and small domestic manufacturers estimate there are about 4000, the brand did not say, abundance, terminal agents and franchisees store is also very much, mainly that the water purifier market entry threshold is low, you do not need to invest a lot of money. But while many agents, but the business is not as comfortable in previous years.


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   The first point: competition, product changes for so many years, they have basically the qualitative difference of the series is not either RO reverse osmosis or ultra series was filtered off, and the appearance change is not the same as the concept of the product

   the second point: water purifier market is messy: magnetized water, oxygen-rich water, energy activated water, pure water purifier, ultrafiltration net whose water is, the people should believe? these problems exist in the market above, each of the manufacturers are boasting their own products, but government and industry are still no clear guide consumers.

   The third point: is the number of brand manufacturers competing brands only large, the current water purifier market has not fully great leader, basically every brand will be in hand to write a top ten brands. This year the number of manufacturers increased, resulting in increased novice agents, do not know how to operate the market, this sunrise industry, although the water purifier cake great, in fact, there are many problems after entering the market, such as: If you carry a water purifier market, how to explore ways on how to operate the brand. Most are mom and pop oriented, basically 6 Month - a year is a ridge, crossing if not in the past, then you basically panic up, special machines everywhere, affecting themselves, but also influence others.

   conclusion above: water purifier market, although objective, of course, is also facing a lot of problems, we as a water purifier agents in what way we should go open up the market, we have to how to establish a regional brand, we how do our reputation

   a new question:? Why are agents construction team, rather than down the manufacturers who assist you in the development of the market

   now all manufacturers are to "have a market staff down to help you develop the market "as a reason to increase the competitiveness of their own manufacturers recruit agents. Indeed, if a dealer dependent on manufacturers to do business, it certainly will not do it for a long time or ability to develop new markets will not have a good effect. We need to enhance their strength, enhance their openExtension capacity of the market. Reach out to the people to eat, it is better to grow their own crops.

   manufacturers now support many? If you can cut that part of the so-called support? Is less more can cost a lot of space for our operating market, manufacturers do only soft support, practical things We can only do it yourself.


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   to establish the usefulness of the team where?

   First, their own activities, increase their regional brand influence and market share

   second, develop their own channel resellers and distributors to develop new brand building shop

   our core philosophy is to give priority to the development of dealers, but dealers with sales agents hook

   marketing team needs what skills to master

   will sell mode:? the elderly village joint health lectures or activities that benefit the community, so that all retired while listening to lectures a professional instructor to explain concepts and product water pollution and health in the concept of talking about the advantages and features of the product to achieve sales of the parent.

   shopping guide speaking skills: To analyze the suitability of the product and match the corresponding products to help customers.

   activities to help agents: The purpose is to let our distributors to learn how to make a simple water purifier marketing activities.

   rental model free trial or buy gifts in the form of the way so that they can go up in terminal sales.

   good agent will develop their own marketing staff, rather than requiring manufacturers to send someone to help them develop the market.

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