The effect of different levels of water purification filt wa

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home water purifier is small, water treatment equipment, and untreated tap water may contain portions hazardous substances, the role of home water purifier is that clear these unhealthy factors. But divided into many household water purifiers and purification effect of different structures are different, so roughly divided into several water purifiers, water purification effect its principles and how?


   1 a water purification filter

In the activated carbon-based, but in a simple water purifier activated carbon Activated carbon adsorption organics large, it will become a breeding ground for bacteria, the activated carbon countless micropores, bacteria, algae blooms hyperplasia, leading to water bacteria and excessive nitrite.




However, its limited capacity filtering, can be used as a coarse filter, the filtered drinking water is preferably heated to boil, and short life.



   over two-stage water purification filter

There are a set of two coarse filter and fine filter, fine filter multiple hollow fiber filter. Filtered water purification filter effect is better than a filtered water drinkable.



   3 reverse osmosis water

three prefilter, a reverse osmosis membrane microfiltration and a post-filter. It can remove almost all the water of hazardous impurities including various inorganic and organic substances, can be directly consumed.




grade Thus, water purification effect and filter water purifier has a great relationship, so consumers in the purchase, according to their actual needs, choose water purifier filter corresponding level. A

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