Water purifier circle -straight drink dream- faaway from us

  Case: Zhang like to watch American TV, from "Friends" to "Big Bang", Zhang careful always see the characters take water to drink straight from the tap, Zhang wondered: neither boil nor buy bottled water, safe drinking water simply want this possible? 鍑€姘村櫒鍦嗏€滅洿楗ⅵ鈥? /></p><p>  

   "drinking water" has not been popular in our country, but it is quite common in developed countries "drinking water" emerged in the 1980s, it was "pure water" in the ascendant period. American company engaged in the discovery bottled drinking water supply of pure water has many deficiencies, in order to facilitate peoples lives, guarantee higher standards of safe drinking water to the United States as the representative of the developed countries launched a "drinking water" system (DedicatedDrinkingWaterSystems) of the study. The so-called direct drinking water system is to a normal life after deep purification of drinking water, supplied by pipeline directly by people drinking system. After deep purification, to remove organic pollutants, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses and other contaminants.

   quality drinking water to some extent reflects the quality of life, but even so drinking water in the United States, Japan, South Korea supply technology is relatively perfect state, in order to safer drinking water, household water purifier penetration rate is very alarming.

   "secondary pollution" hidden more than

   when our tap water is usually shipped qualified, but still not recommended to drink. Because there may be a phenomenon of "secondary pollution" in the tap water transport, storage process: on the one hand, possible physical and chemical changes in long-distance pipeline, on the other hand, aging pipes and faucets may also produce harmful substances, which It is plagued by two major risks to safe water.

   will bring secondary pollution visible impurities, including red worms, rust, sand and other fine impurities; also invisible impurities, containing potentially pathogenic bacteria and viruses, chlorine (water disinfection by-product) , heavy metals, etc. Thus, such water quality is difficult to drink straight.

   purifier circle "drinking straight Dream"

   The oldest and most common disinfection by boiling, although in general can kill bacteria and parasites, but for the purification of heavy metals, inorganic fouling and a particulate precipitate was no effect. To purify drinking water, need to rely on more "scientific" means, such as a good quality water purifiers.

   Even if the quality of the raw water is mixed, still be able to enhance the quality of different degrees of water purifiers. Common water purification technology currently on the market is divided into isolation treatment, adsorption treatment, sterilization and so on. Based on different approaches, numerous market a water purifier, also very different cartridge types, such as ceramic filter, a hollow fiber membrane cartridge principle, the principle of osmosis filter and the like.

   For sizes filtered contaminants is one of the criteria determining the merits of the water purifier, and some high-end international brands have been able to remove small particles 0.2 microns; pathogenic bacteria and viruses in water kill off rate of 99.99% purified water will be able to direct drinking.

   Three strategies to learn to pick the right water purifier

   water purifier on the market an array, consumers are often in a dilemma. In fact, just look for three key words can easily solve selected problems:

   A look at the filter

   cartridge is the core of water purifiers, technology and quality filter determines a net water heater effect. The complex types of pollutants in water, such as developmental effects of heavy metals lead, mercury and other body organs and pediatric great; radon contamination, trihalomethanes, also may lead to cancer. These microparticulate contaminants rely on improved filter net filter function filtered, in the selection of the water purifier should be able to meet the selected filter to kill bacteria and viruses and removal of contaminants, such as water purifier An Liyi source, which are integrally of UV filter cassette, pre-filter has a pleated, pre-purification filter layer, a high density activated carbon filter, one of the four filter UV lamp technology, comprehensive multi-level filter net, kill contaminants.

   2. Look certification

   authority of the technical certification from a third party like a water purifiers identity, in our country, water purifiers need to have the approval of the Ministry of Health, it can be regarded as pass line, generally in the sale of products to meet the requirements. The worlds authoritative third party "NSFInternational" (NSF International) and the "American Water Quality Association" certification two institutions is justifiably claim to be the percentage of water quality certificate. NSFInternational founded in 1944, is a US non-governmental, non-profit independent third-party organization, the development of more than 70 standards have become the American National Standard, and become a World Health Organization Collaborating Center in 1997, which shows its authority. In the selection of water purifier, you may wish to look for in the body there is noNSF logo, and if through a standard No. 55,53 and 42 NSFInternational, you were meant to kill microorganisms, filtered and volatile organic compounds to improve the taste, clarity aspects reached a very high level.

   3. Look water

   natural water sources from the nature of the body contains many essential nutrients, such as calcium, magnesium and other minerals, calcium in the human body is mainly present in teeth and bones the remainder distributed in body fluids, for maintaining normal myocardial contraction; calcium and magnesium to work alongside in maintaining bone density and muscle, nerve impulses aspects. Long-term drinking water contains the right amount of calcium and magnesium help to improve the human bone. Natural water, calcium, magnesium is formed after penetration and prolonged specific pressure, easily absorbed. Be sure to ask before carefully selecting water purification products whether raw water "chaff", whether or not effectively retain calcium, magnesium and other beneficial minerals, so as to enjoy access to healthy drinking water at the same time.

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