Springs to dealers Conference and strategic new confence wah

   At the beginning of the new year, the Shenzhen Special Administrative Region, to spring 2018 Annual Dealer Conference and strategic new conference was held in Genzon Castle Hotel. Springs to vendors gathered a total of 2018 chuen to plan for the future.



   Mr Au Yeung Kwai spring will be chairman of the conference were addressed, thanks to the tireless all spring to their families in the past year tirelessly to make to the cause of development Springs efforts!

   and then made a wonderful speech on the 2017 and 2018 work plan.

   2018 spring clear direction to develop, manufacturers work together to speed before the line, win-win future.


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   V3 mineral springs to drink straight shock release

   Mr Au Yeung Kwai will

  , chairman of the V3 mineral drink straight vividly explain new products, unique detailed analysis, so that spring to dealers under the field excited, full of confidence, the applause continued under field!


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