Water purification agents moving to rural wer pifimarket

   water purifier to join it to make money? There do water purifier to join the rich do? Water purification agents to join the rural market better to do? Purifier countryside is how is it? How to store their own water purifier publicity! I want to believe this is a lot or doing water purification agents ask the question. With the development of water purification industry rolling in, first-tier cities water purifier market is basically in full state, as well as second and third tier rural water purifier gradually shows its superiority out. Water purification agents franchisee selection also began to favor rural areas.

   It is understood that Chinas vast expanse of rural areas, water pollution is getting worse, the vast majority of villages and towns through the water, rural economic development industry is now fast, but industrial agriculture and domestic waste also will be increased , water pollution is more obvious, many people have remember, never go back crystal clear water fish visible era, and indeed everywhere today Township rivers clogged with piles of garbage, which is the rural environmental protection policies and action areas can not keep up, resulting in the majority of drinking water in rural areas of environmental degradation, such terminals in urgent need of water purification water purification products to solve the problem.

   of thousands of water purification companies and brands, have seen the potential of rural areas: a large population base, and more people demand clean water, adequate living standards improve purchasing power, so the major brands have a water purifier to enter the rural market

   water purifier manufacturers that:! to do rural water purifier market, we must first clear feature of rural water purifier market, analyzing the advantages and disadvantages rural areas, water purifier sales, no doubt, rural population, water purification is not sufficient, the purchasing power of the people enough, with many years of universal education, raise awareness for clean water, but underdeveloped rural traffic, high transportation costs, dispersed users, people still hesitate a little more water purifier, it has also become a water purifier brand to enter the rural disadvantage.

   water purifier to develop, we need to look at the mainstream, with the advance of history, in the face of rural water purifier market.

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