446 Housing Enterprise bankruptcy domestic industry go from

   According to the Peoples Court Notice network show, as of November 20, the number of bankrupt property developers have been up to 446, there are an average of 1.5 bankrupt real estate companies fell to the ground every day, setting a historical record, in which more than three list of real estate bankruptcy-page, four-tier cities are mostly small and medium housing prices, but some of these are even higher profile among the hundred-known housing prices.

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   real estate market at present situation

   "real estate" in the phrase a few years ago developers, people are most likely to think of the words first is "to make money, profiteering" However, to this day, which we had thought that most companies can survive, but the fall in droves, people can not help but ask, this is how in the end it?

   Speaking of the real estate business, a number of head Department of brands, such as country Garden, Evergrande, Vanke, Poly and other basic we are familiar, but in fact the number of Chinas real estate business is far beyond our imagination, according to incomplete statistics of registered real estate developers have nearly 100,000, the and on the current population distribution and living conditions for our country, such a huge number of real estate developers will certainly not be in line with the current development of the market.

   real estate data from this years shocking point of view, we will think of real estate industry may no longer boom, but not actually set aside this year said that in the past 5-10 years, the real estate industry in the hot stage when each year there are still a lot of businesses shut down, some of which many of them the head of a subsidiary brand, so mergers and acquisitions, integration of resources is the real estate industry in recent years has been and what will continue to happen in the event, and then the next real estate companies the number will be declared bankrupt increasing.

   Of course, on the other hand, due to resource competition between the continuous adjustment of policies in recent years, as well as the developers, when the industry entered a stable stage of development, that have no adequate financial support and lack market chain competitive enterprises, the naturally be eliminated.

   to see where you might find the current market situation for the real estate industry, small and medium enterprises should only occur above-mentioned problems, and thus affected, but in fact even Yi and real estate, the three Morihiro industry and other veteran head Ministry of real estate in the past two years have financial problems after another burst. So if the real estate industry really has come to the point where its difficult?

   Not necessarily, as opposed toReal estate industry probably a good thing, because it will promote the standardization of real estate industry, and when the real estate industry standardization, again the only healthy competition.

   real estate industry on the domestic industry will be what kind of impact?

   So in the current situation "big reshuffle" of the real estate industry, home industry practitioners as we will be what kind impact?

   first, the real estate industry operating conditions must be closely related to the domestic industry, although in housing policy continues to intensify, but the turnover rate Yishoufang did not we think of bad, because although the house on the development business is just a "commodity", but for us in terms of the people is really a "necessity." In addition, when small and medium enterprises due to financial, sales and other problems after another fall, the head of the brand is still in steady development, so for home makers this is not a bad thing, because when the real estate industry after a series of mergers and acquisitions, there will be survival of the fittest situation, which is not for the real estate industry, "the arrival of winter," but "dawn is approaching", and home industry is also true.

   home practitioners how to deal with the current situation?

   However, in the face of this stage of the real estate industry, home industry will inevitably be some spread, but this time we can do What is it?

   first, strengthen the integration of the business model, so that the "dot" to "line" to "face." The past two years we can see the "whole house custom" home improvement model has been accepted by the public, has become a major new darling of the home improvement market, so in this trend requires home practitioners who can not rely on a single "point "to attract consumers, such as a kitchen cabinet brand is born, its cabinet products in the market also are outstanding, but in order to meet the arrival of the era of full-custom house, the brand quickly joined the other part, but consumers want is "everything are all fine," want to rely solely on one bright spot to attract consumers, is undoubtedly the stone on the foot of behavior.

   Secondly, 5G this year as the first year, so the age of the Internet and pushed to a peak, in addition to a lot of cross-border Internet companies also start a "smart home", to stabilize the current situation in the home market the next, if we are to others, "Stock Watch" that certainly is not conducive to the development of traditional vendors, so we are in a strong own "this business", we have to follow the development of the times, adding "smart"element.

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