Redefine the standard American kitchen hot kitclight releasn


you expect the kitchen look like? I believe everyone has their own answers. Kitchen, where cooking is not only the family, but also carries the familys longing for a happy life space. How to judge a good standard kitchen? A good time. Recently, in light net night - beautiful kitchen light net new kitchen hot 2020 release on the new cloud, beautiful kitchen heat gives the answer.


at the press conference, the United States issued a new kitchen hot kitchen standard white paper, launched the "light net new kitchen" The new positioning, intended to convey a central idea to the user: it is time to bid farewell to the old tedious old kitchen, kitchen of the future, in a relaxed, clean, healthy three new benchmark, to build a new kitchen experience.


to break the wall of the old and usher in a new light net kitchen


Chinese kitchen, I experienced three changes. The eighties and nineties, mostly kitchen kitchen hallway, corridor accumulation of debris, meal time point smoky, lingering, the environment dirty and messy. After 90 years, upgraded kitchen, but still could not escape the small and cluttered space, thanks to smoke ventilation to dissipate the problem. Today, despite the contemporary kitchen features gradually diversified, but messy noisy, it is still difficult to clean Zaoxin.



cooking in the minds of many people, it seems not left a good impression. Beautiful kitchen heat think that maybe the past is not the way we open kitchen. In light of the US net new kitchen built in, easy, clean, healthy, are the three new benchmark for the kitchen. And this standard is through a comprehensive digital, comprehensive intelligent home appliances to achieve, so that every user to enjoy the culinary freedom, real freedom ushered cooking kitchen light net new era. In the past, we have to make a living while cooking; today, we have to enjoy while cooking.



three standard light net new kitchen building, tree industry demeanor


"US light net new kitchen standard white paper" from three dimensions to build a light net new kitchen standard.


cooking process is easy. Assisted by intelligent stove, the kitchen can easily make a white chef-style, to meet the needs of a variety of taste buds. Hood by highly intelligent, zero manual, no smell, easy handling and low noise. Automatic cleaning hood, split removable stove and bake decontamination save one, easily accommodated domino bowl equipped with a dishwasher basket, to achieve easy cleaning. Truly cookingEach link, let the user feel relaxed.


At the same time, from the beginning of March 2020, the United States and all the hot kitchen products have completed the upgrade intelligent Internet, whether it is hood, dishwashers, water heaters, water purifiers or stove, are available through the United States UN-linked APP to realize IOT interconnection. Easy for users to create a real intellectual life in the kitchen scene.



The cooking environment clean. Fume purification smoking is no longer the traditional single-sided, multi-dimensional and comprehensive purify fumes can we bring the smoke away from the space constraints.



The result is a healthy cooking. High-temperature steam hood wash sterilization rate of 99.99%, after storage of the same antibacterial dishwasher sterilization; more powerful in health smart cooking mode, compared to the traditional stove, a pot of chicken soup can be more nutritious out of 16%.



relaxed, clean, healthy, light net new kitchen constitutes a core vocabulary, but also the beauty of the heat of the kitchen to give consumers the confidence guarantee. In the future, the United States will be based on these three hot kitchen standards, to further optimize product distribution, we continue to build a more modern, forward-looking light net new kitchen, leading the industry to establish a light net new style.



This time, the United States and the United Pchouse kitchen heat released "Americas light net new kitchen standard white paper," not only set a new standard for the industry, to promote the development of the industry, more consumers " custom "new kitchen standard. So that every Chinese family, enjoy a better life in the kitchen, so emotional communication back home, make cooking truly free.

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