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In recent years, rapid development, water purifier has become one of many home appliances necessary to protect the health and safety of drinking water. And with the market penetration increase, this year the water purifier market preached "fever" trend, the market growth is slowing. Orville Network data show that the first half of 2019, China water purifier market size of 13.83 billion yuan, up only slightly by 1.3%, to know the water purifier market in 2018 annual sales reached 31.69 billion yuan, the potential weakness of the performance obvious.

   but compared to Europe, America and Japan and other developed countries, up to 70% penetration of water purifiers, water purifiers Chinese household penetration rate is still less than 10%. This shows that China water purifier industry in the future development of a huge space for doubt. This time the face of the phenomenon, water purification business should be to achieve "water purification warm winter"?

   water purifier market breakthrough: the consumer is the key

   compared to the previous two years, one of the main water purification market downturn, or purchase intent for water purification products insufficient. Simply boils down to this: the buy to buy, did not buy the time being will not buy. Will buy want to buy, I do not want to buy do not buy it. The main motivation is the effect of water purification products are not visible, so there is no intention to potential buyers actively purchased. How to make water purification products more potential to impress people, clean water is the focus of corporate attention.

   water purifier brand Industry Alliance: integration of resources, joint sound

   In order to face the changes in trends in the water industry, to reach a win-win situation as soon as possible to promote the market, brand water purifier industry alliance set of "technology, business, Show "and many other resources, in order to" protect the peace of mind of health "and" quality of life "as the core, to increase the popularity of water purification products in propaganda at home and abroad, and jointly promote the correct water purification product values, educate consumer groups to form correct consumer awareness, you lit water purification market, "accelerator." Establish

   Union will be beneficial to reshape the image quality of the water industry, information industry to suppress chaos, boosting consumer confidence and achieve the expansion of the overall scale of consumption and truly lead the water industry into a virtuous health the right track of development.

   In technical resources:

   China Center for Disease Prevention and Control, Environmental Health and Related Product Safety, researcher at the Institute of monitoring water quality and safety E Miller joined the portrait, promote clean water brand concept.

   brand standsQuality, innovation, service, consumer trends, so the brand foreseeable future products.

   The key is to choose a water purifier safety and quality of products, professional institutions inspection and test of a long-term reputation of the brand can bring a double guarantee the safety and quality to consumers.

   - Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention researcher E Miller


   in terms of resources Enterprise:

   EcoWater, BWT, open to , Hansixier, ho Chak, Pentair, Paragon, Sen music, Connie romance, Ching Fai Healthy, Patio Unilever, Philips and many other water purification industry brands as a member of the first phase of the league, enough to reflect the force and influence of water purification industrial Alliance brand in the industry.

   understand what you want of water, know better the life you want.

   Paragon focus on clean water for 31 years, always putting the "purification consumers drink every drop of water," the mission, to be honest attitude, excellent products and professional services, fully integrate water quality and characteristics of China user needs, innovative products and technologies, to create a professional water purification solution more in line with Chinese consumers, so that the quality of daily life more.

   - Paragon chairman JIM ELLIS


   great value

   is to lead the brand to help consumers in many similar products in, quickly find the quality best value, best service, the best products; but more important is to guide consumers and found that they had not thought of, but vital needs, providing a lead in "which carriage better" choices "car".

   focus on safe water environment, water quality and safety to lead a comfortable life in Europe and America, the United States Kinetico Connie Mystic goals and vision. Not only to meet the users daily basic needs of drinking water safety, more washing, bathing, over the water to provide quality electrical domestic water, so that the whole house water purification, water supply, popularized the concept of high-quality water life.

   - general manager Connie romance-what into the


   let the user choose you trust your brand must provide long-term service and product value, so they really enjoy the brand to bring them a healthy and comfortable quality of life.

   HardwareImported in the eyes of users stands for high quality, safe, reliable, Sen music for many years has always been committed to research and development to meet the needs of users of imported products, 20 years of experience in the water industry, through product testing and certification authority at home and abroad, the real users create for their high quality, safe and secure, comfortable whole house water purification system.

   - US Sen Yue, general manager Yang Haijun


   R & D capabilities, core technology, manufacturing processes and high quality products, is a strong pillar of the brand. BWTs mission is to focus on the field of water treatment, including research and development, production, sales and service, including the entire system to ensure that people are safe domestic water, sanitation and health, and protect our precious blue planets resources.

   imported water purifier appeal, that consumers highly recognized for product evaluation and production standards of the country of origin. The BWT water purification devices as food production, HACCP international food safety standards for the implementation of production basis, to ensure that consumers can rest assured that the use of BWT water purification products, BWT enjoy professional service.

   - (China) Senior Vice President of BWT Ge Zhonghua


   health, quality of life is each user in the pursuit of the brand to do It is to use meaningful innovation to improve peoples quality of life.

   Philips is with this mission, the new upgrade whole-house water intelligent health solutions, always adhere to the excellent quality by international professional organization, the certification authority, to create a series of clean water, hot water and smart bathroom products, improve the user every drinking water experience and achieve a healthy quality of life.

   - Philips, general manager of China Water Health Marketing Center Li Jun Wei


   at the show resources:

   as a worldwide super-large water purification end display platform, Shanghai international Exhibition deep water purification industry more than ten years. With its global influence in the field of water purification, bringing together during the 2019 show more than 100 countries and regions, 99,464 professional visitors across distributors, agents, traders, decoration companies, real estate developers, hotel groups , kitchen, warm, maternal, schools, hospitals and other multiple areas of expertise, its strong capital audienceSource is profound shows.

   2020, June 3-5, 13th Shanghai International Water Exhibition will be the National Exhibition Center Shanghai (Hongqiao) struck again, 220,000 square meters of exhibition space, the exhibition includes ten segments, over the same period carry out nearly one hundred professional conference and invite hundreds of industry experts to discuss new trends in the water industry.


   each industry development process are from infancy to growth, and then to maturity. Water industry is still in a rapid growth stage, is a sunrise industry in the next three to five years will continue to maintain the trend of rapid growth.

   water purifier brand Industry Alliance will jointly Shanghai International Exhibition water, large coffee industry technology and major water purification business, win-win cooperation and jointly overcome the difficulties in the industry, opening up new roads!

   3-5 June 2020, National Exhibition Center Shanghai (Hongqiao), water purifier brand Industry Alliance will be officially launched at the Shanghai International Exhibition water scene, co-lead the healthy development of the water industry!


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