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   concerned about water purification industry trends, inventory Weekly News. Review last week, home water purifier pleasure: cross-border integration "drink" leading water industry; love Guy water purifiers: defying inflammation day to meet the difficulties brought on only for the water purification industry events come and go and so cool. Below, China water purifier small plait ( takes you review last week (11.13-11.19) water purifiers top ten hot news.

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   - M teach you how to identify how your family to drink tap water healthy water

   70% of our body consists of water, skin breathing, working kidney, blood circulation, beating heart cells vitality, must have water to participate. The most we usually drink tap water, it is about the safety of each family member.

   In order to ensure the health of the majority of family members and domestic water purification industry leader - M from a professional point of view to resolve how to judge the quality of domestic water for everyone. [Click for more]

   whole industrial layout to enhance the core competitiveness of deepwater Heiner game one hundred billion water purifier market

   and in the moment of the water purifier market, along with rising labor costs, store rent pressure and the continuous surge of water purifier brand, business development pressure also fell into a more awkward position. In this case, water companies need to understand the situation, a rational response to all challenges of the market, the first upgrade, do market planning is particularly critical in a competitive market environment, companies must first understand their own water purification , targeted development can come to the fore. [Click for more]

   Patio home water purifier invited repair Jie Kai-Profits child care shortage mountains

   Recently, the industry benchmark Patio water purifier brand to appeal to the community concerned about the shortage of children mountain survival the status quo, launched the "dry food challenge" public welfare activities, and invited the famous movie star to help out repair Jie Kai challenge, for the love addressed to the "net." Patio home water purifier, always adhere to bring good water to millions of families goals, while also upholding its social responsibility, hoping to bring clean and safe water is good for these children through this event. [Click for more]

   CSR practitioner Hao net Chak Chak plan of action

   November 6, 2017, Ho Chak water "net Ze Plan" public projects go hand-Ho-taek groupBaileys company and "Business" into the Nu River in Yunnan is located in the old mountain is the small end. In this public action, the Ho Chak water purifier not only to finish the old mountain is the small donation Ho Chak Drinking water purifier equipment, it is also a lesson in special "Safe Drinking Water Course" for children, universal access to safe drinking water knowledge.

   [Click for more]

   An all-out star of the water purifier high-speed rail to start another high-end brand advertising

   It is reported that Ann Star water purifier in the Mid-Autumn Day Golden Week first-tier cities north of Guangzhou-Shenzhen "high-speed rail station line high-speed rail advertising, to lead its first round of high-end brand! a few days ago, security star of high-speed rail advertising and added nearly ten new site, set off a new round of security STAR high-speed rail dissemination of advertising boom! [click Information]

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