The store in order to -free- drain -gift-tacusmers

   In recent years, the stores operating costs increased year by year, coupled with competitive pressures electricity supplier, input-output ratio dropped sharply, store operations difficult, the traditional business model has been unable to meet current business environment, we need to force change the new mode of thinking. Store special drainage in addition to conventional marketing activities, buy gifts, hedging is more favorable, but also through cross-industry alliance drainage, and even complimentary products to lock some of the target groups and other methods to enhance sales volume store.


   With cross-industry "0 yuan purchase" activities to achieve drainage

   Jiyuan belong to four markets, consumer spending, home appliances tend to go to the store experience. Although the past two years, greater competition from all sides, but the store when doing activities, the operation is relatively flexible, relying on the United States and higher brand awareness, sales volume is still showing growth.

   I came into contact with the United States from the 2009 kitchen appliances after-sales service, in 2014 the United States and distribution of kitchen appliances, currently has two stores, which is located in Jiyuan City, Ocean City, United States of building materials kitchen language museum , the overall image of good, strong sense of customer experience, comprehensive business category, showing a large area, to meet the users one-stop shopping, which saves the user time consumption, increased store revenue. Comprehensive shop staffed by a manager, 3 Purchasing Guide, a service personnel, management, more profit to the sub-manager and shopping guide personnel through equity incentive employee motivation.

   stores have a special cell extension workers, for new properties, and centralized ventilation area, will be in a week, 3-5 to send the individual to the community to advertise, explain the product, concentrated blast Saturday night, faiths, such as organizing to buy 500 yuan by 100 yuan, 1,000 yuan can hit the golden eggs and other promotions. These conventional activities, the brand manufacturers can easily follow suit and difficult long-term operation. So while you have to develop other segments channels, such as cooperation with the home improvement company, but the home improvement company matching the relatively low profits.

   In addition to regular activities, but also multi-channel, omni drainage. April Our cooperation with China Unicom, for the specified package, free of charge to the United States range hood, gas stoves, water heaters, and for users to realize 0 yuan purchase, take away free products. For China Unicom, the client renewals, to open a new card, as well as upgrade packages, they are necessary to continue the operation of the lock-off. 89 yuan99 yuan, 129 yuan or 159 yuan package, gift products are not the same. 89 yuan to send 999 yuan gas stove, send $ 1999 $ 199 water heater hood or similar packages can be upgraded, or making it up, and the company free installation.

   as a cross-industry alliance activities in cooperation with China Unicom and China Unicom may, by the companys strengths, compensate for flawed home appliances transparency. The use of Unicoms policy of subsidies to bundle products, giving users real benefits. Anyway user to call, stove or water heater and just need the product, many people are willing to participate. Overall, for the newly installed user, or kitchen appliances are a few years users, participate in activities enthusiasm is high. Through this activity, enhance the store exposure rate, but also further enhance the brand awareness, to the store to consult more and more customers, more conducive to store sales transactions.


   by giving the product locked precise user

   on building alliances activities, we often work with ceramic tile, flooring, doors and other building materials category, jointly with a single. When the customer is being renovated, electrical appliances is a necessity, the higher the probability of turnover. We do building alliances March, with 35 single-brand alliance, self-signed 15 single, put the cost of 7,000 yuan, to achieve smoke stove heat products 170,000 yuan actual sales. At the same time, we also through cooperation with supermarkets, restaurants and other businesses as well as cross-industry, to achieve the drainage and switch to a single store. Such as: supermarket offers a free value of 999 yuan stove products in the supermarket purchases over $ 999 Users complimentary (newly renovated clients).

   We measured before, the decoration from the user to the late arrival, requires a lot of products, presented by the stove, locking the users information, as long as users are interested in, since you can store register, and then sent home to confirm whether that needs renovation blank user. As long as the door to confirm the customers information is true and valid, that the user can apply for complimentary procedures, and provide information for other user categories. During the renovation tips recommended to the user, as well as the right products, to offer customers the actual effect of the decoration store experience, will greatly enhance the probability of turnover.

   In fact, as long as the user to sign up or receive gas stove, there is the opportunity to communicate, more importantly, for newly renovated users generally will definitely not buy cheaper stove, make up the difference in user pre-diluted during or hedging costs. Even if most usersOther products eventually not buy the store, I can also share user information to other businesses other categories, such as water heating, ceramic tile, ceiling, to reduce losses.

   Now business is not to make the difference in years, thinking the difference is difficult to survive, hold together for warmth, information sharing, business development platform is a short term and long term survival mode. Stores may in certain periods will be some impact, but in the future, even for a long time there is a strong vitality, because the store will give users a better experience, explain more professional, capable timely solution to the problem of user consultation, communication and exchange with the user more vivid, more emotional. Stores in the image display products and experience plays an irreplaceable advantage, you can achieve a good experiential shopping.


   in order to "send" drainage, with "gifts" lock-off, is the basis of win-win concept, altruistic thinking is the underlying logic, the logic of this concept and application into business management, in order to achieve greater cash flow, thereby to allow businesses to achieve sustained profitability, allowing stores to achieve long-term healthy development.

   (Source: water industry brand alliances - public number, invasion deleted)

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