You know how the water quality of your family-

  You know how the water quality of your family? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 244 Published: 2019-4-16 11:08:11 food to the water first, as a source of water to the net! In our daily life, the importance of water goes without saying that the water quality of the relationship with each and every family a healthy diet. However, due to the water pollution problem is getting worse in recent years, they are increasingly worried about their own family water quality. Well, you know how the water quality of your family? ? How do we own household water quality and testing it to make a judgment in general, there are so few ways: 浣犵煡閬撲綘瀹剁殑姘磋川鎯呭喌濡備綍鍚楋紵 First, look to see whether the foreign body is straight out of the water from the tap, you can also use a transparent after precipitation cups full of water then a few hours to see if there is sediment cup, if anything, it shows that more impurities in the water, it is recommended to choose a pre-filter or a water purifier ultrafiltration. Second, the smell of tap water we normally use, generally through the use of chlorine to disinfect, but if you use excessive then there will be an "pungent" flavor, this time also recommended the use of water purifiers, water purifier activated carbon cartridge has a strong adsorption capacity, it can be a good odor adsorption. Third, the product clean water should be odorless, but if you drink a similar "bleach" flavor or other flavor, it shows that the water contains chlorine or other impurities, then it is recommended to use water purifiers to deal with the . Fourth, check checking home food, when the inner wall of the kettle, the scale if there are described water contains large amounts of calcium and magnesium ions, through the purifier need purification to reduce calcium and magnesium ions. Fifth, the measurement of water quality detector may be used that is water quality testing equipment and the like is performed preliminary test water quality. PP cotton quality detector using microfiltration, the water quality detector is fitted on the tap, depending on the water quality, water quality cartridge can be seen as a white color detector at different time, and so the determination of water quality at home. However, water quality testing is mainly used for preliminary testing of water quality, not recommended for use as a water purification products, if necessary, the proposed purchase of water purification equipment.

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