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   In the industry, he said water purifiers, we would say confusion in the market, large competitiveness. Is how we look at it from outside the industry, peoples eyes water purifier became Kengpian words. This in the end is why? Conducive to a healthy drinking water was a lot of people shut out of environmentally friendly products.



   We know that people are not born just do not like a fresh items from the good feeling did not favor a process, focusing on what happens in this process? Also entrap water purifier ultimate culprit. Water purifier market chaos we know, water purifier countryside have heard that our response to the national call, and so like, water purifiers to the countryside to engage in activities of various gifts, there are a lot of people have seen it, clean water It is sent to all kinds of tricks and so much the Liezi.

   For people who love the cheap, fresh items for it, someone will buy, then we can imagine people would be fooled. Finally, a variety of complaints, manufacturers could not get through, the seller like the phone off, etc., cheated media exposure are also many. These scams pits not only people, but also water purification industry, but also shows the terrible chaos of the market.

   a large industry can cause confusion in the market competition, which also shows the great potential of this industry, will attract too many people to invest, of course, some people invest in order to compete, in order to do better than others, some people earn a large sum to invest in it. In order to earn more money needs to play games, he went out a variety of marketing mode, breaking the traditional recruiting those areas proxy mode, but also broke the bottom line price, below cost or even below cost more to see is the same water purifier appeared on the market, so investors who want to do water purifier products at a loss. Lower than the cost price of the product if it is strange that there is no problem, they are mass-produced by a variety of means to sell, not to hate the people is impossible, they return to their roots is how how water purifier, do not think, this is some people to make money and let him become a victim.

   such products out of more than a pass to a water purifier will ordinary people have a crush it? Aftermarket products, said a lot of bad productsA common problem, but it flows out of the product simply can not find the sale, the seller even disappeared, What, not hated. But how many people would buy water purifiers? How many people said after hearing good water purifier?

   Finally, remind consumers to buy water purifiers do not remember freeloaders, do not believe the so-called government support, get healthy countryside and so on. Do not let them out to see some of the authority is synonymous cheated, for example, a certain celebrity endorsements, CCTV brand, top ten brands, national key recommendation of the brand and the like, these sounds can also be felt, in fact, can utter . The only water purifier in the country to look at the "Ministry of Health wading document," some people will take this up for, what this document wading count, we are the most qualified, NSF International certification, in fact, this is the water quality standards in line with the United States, but abroad purifier certain excessive media exposure more than once, there is the symbol certification really okay? you know you are in the country, do not listen to what he said it was the international quality standard certification was fooled.

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